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by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

May 8, 2010

Maybe you haven’t seen it.  It’s called Our MasterMind List Builder.The number 1 awesome thing is it’s FREE.  The second number 1 awesome thing is it will help you build your list and your newsletter subscribers much faster for nothing.This is a tool that I’ve used previously with other product providers.Get started now by registering here: tool, and others like it literally put 100’s of new readers on your opt in list very quickly.  As I’ve told you in YourTrafficStarterBlog, you need to be building your opt in list to convert your traffic to sales.  The bottom line is, each person on your list equals $1 per month or more.  Some folks claim as high as 20 to 40 dollars per person!On top of bringing opt ins for your newsletter, it also has an affiliate program.  I’m using it here, of course.  The free registration also offers you an optional upgrade that get’s you lots more targeted traffic.  When others sign up, and they decided to take the up-sell, you get a commission.Since I’m not in the business of faking you out, I’ll tell you clearly, that everyone that opt ins from this is not going to stay on your list.  It’s the way of the world.  They are just doing it for the freebie.  Like you, I’ve never figured this out since you and I both know that you can’t make a successful business for free.A lot will sign up, and never confirm.  Many will confirm and opt out after the first email.  Don’t take it personal.  It was the freebie sucking, thieves plan all along.However, many will stay with you if you are sending good content, and not just promoting the latest hottest junk to make a buck.You do need an Aweber Autoresponder for this.  So if you don’t intend on using Aweber, don’t get Our MasterMind List Builder.You can increase your opt in by turning off the “Confirmed Opt In” button on your list settings in Aweber.  I do this on some lists and have found it has not changed the number of spam complaints.  It may keep some of the signups on your list longer.I use have “Confirmed Opt In” on for my newsletter.  Honestly, I don’t want to spend my time making newsletters for people to ignore, so I have them confirm opt in, and it does seem to increase the real readers.Whether you use confirm opt ins or not, look at it this way…
  • Aweber has complete records of all opt ins regardless if they double opted
  • I pay everyone back by sending great newsletters, and only top offers, so if you bother to read, I’m definitely increasing your expertise.
  • If they didn’t want on the list, they shouldn’t of signed up, and they can easily opt out with a single click
So, what are you waiting for anyway?Check it out now:– Wayne Sharer

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