Do you want to have a successful business you can run from your home while wearing your t-shirt and underwear?

You’ve heard the lines before for in your reading and possibly marketing events you may have attended.  You’ve likely been introduced to classic affiliate marketing and an even older type of affiliate marketing called multilevel marketing (or network marketing).

In the marketplace today, there is an extremely exciting new way to do affiliate marketing.  It’s dubbed as leveraged affiliate marketing.

What is Leveraged Affiliate Marketing?

First you must understand what I am referring to as classic, online affiliate marketing and what is multilevel marketing.

Classic, online affiliate marketing is something that Amazon really set the standard for and accelerated in other markets.  It is where you promote products for a product creator or product publisher and they pay you a commission for the sales you generate.  Essentially, you are an independent, commission only salesperson.  These products do not get marked up in price because affiliates are involved.

Online you typically find the commissions for digital products ranging from 30 to 50%.  Yes, there are some that are higher, but in general not.  Clickbank, PayDotCom, JVZoo, Clicksure, Commission Junction, Amazon, DigiResults and others are places where you easily find classic affiliate products to promote.

Multilevel marketing is quite literally what it says.  A company that has products to sell pays you commissions on the sale of the products, and for recruiting new affiliate sales people into your organization.  It is not a pyramid scheme.

How You Should Earn

You can get paid on volume of sales, and on the volume of sales of the people you recruit.  Thus the term multilevel marketing.

Classic multilevel marketing usually offers fairly low commissions on product, and requires you the sales affiliate to recieve auto-shipments of the product.  Theses are companies like Herbal Life, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Amway, Nu Skin, Shaklee, etc.  These companies rely on your sales to maintain their top tier offices as well.  Their products, in general, are more expensive than most similar products you would find in a retail store.

Leveraged affiliate marketing is the fusion of classic, online affiliate marketing, and multilevel marketing.  Both these sales models work on their own, but some very smart companies have found ways to take the best of both worlds and fuse them together for what I call leveraged affiliate marketing.

Key Elements of Leveraged Affiliate Marketing

In companies offering leveraged affiliate marketing, they most of these elements in common:

  • They have a front end product that pays 100% commissions upfront (or passively through your affiliate team)
  • They have 50% matching commissions on volume of your downline (often your entire downline)
  • Some include other elements of multilevel marketing like a binary bonus pay
  • They have a service, product or both that are in high demand
  • They charge typical market price or lower for the product or service
  • The top tier of the company makes their money by doing the same thing you do – product sales and bringing in more affiliates
  • Commonly also have higher dollar “backend” products of very high value to your marketplace
  • They only have one level of true affiliates.
  • The monthly fees are much, much lower than classic affiliate marketing, however you do need to be a user of the product or services to be a reseller.
  • They have both a price advantage and commission advantage over the other affiliate marketing models.

Essentially, the leveraged affiliate marketing model really has some of both types of affiliate marketing, but made it better and easier for a totally new business person to start profiting.  The business model typically only requires you to have 2 affiliates on your team who also can do the same in order for you to profit and won’t take years for independence as is common with the classic multilevel marketing model.

Why Shift to Leveraged Affiliate Marketing

It is why I have shifted to the leveraged affiliate marketing.  It is easier, and becomes profitable much faster.  On my team, the Easy Lead Network Team, we use a simple 5-step plan to get you your first sales.

You don’t need any technical expertise, and all the training and tools you will ever need to expand your business are included (over $7,500 of real value) for members who become a reseller in one of the 4 leveraged affiliate marketing products the team promotes.

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