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Why WordPress is Smart

Hello everyone, I’m Lili, and this is my first of many articles here at WayneSharer.com.  If you looked at my short bio below, I have been working with WordPress for about 6 years.  I’ve made hundreds, if not thousands of sites for small businesses, marketers and network marketers.  Now I will be giving you a little insight on various related things.  So let’s have some fun together… and oh yeah…

I see there are hundreds of you here everyday.  How about giving some feed back and comments.  I love to answer them and talk to you.

Wayne tells me there are total newbies and experts who visit here.  So I thought I would write something first for those of you just getting started.  I’m pretty sure many of you experts will find something in here to help as well.  OK?

Why WordPress is Your Best Content Management Systems

I have in the past, done work with Drupal, Typepad, and Blogger.  All have their value, so I am not going to slam any of them at all.  Yet, over time, I have found WordPress to be the content management system I prefer over any.

Very Short WordPress History…

From the pages of WordPress.org, the history goes something like this…

It’s real start was by Michel Valdrighi as a simple publishing system called B2 Cafelog.  As I write this, the pages still actually exist here.  In 2003, Matt Mullenweg took the code and created a fork called WordPress.  In 2004, Mullenweg introduced the plugin, and off it went to become the best, most used content management system in the world.

Here’s 9 Reasons Why You Should Use It

So let’s make this easy.  I’ll just list the reasons to use it here, and you can argue about it in the comments — if you dare 🙂

  • The software, or codex, is free
  •  There are so many plugins, you can literally make WordPress do anything your heart desires.  It can look like a blog, a magazines, an Amazon-like store, a classic sales page, operate sales funnels, be a video library, brand your business — what else? Everything and anything.
  •  You can customize it to look any which way you want!  There is no limit.  If you really want to get down and dirty, you get someone who knows a little PHP and then it will do magic.
  •  Any hosting company with a clue offers WordPress through their customer interface, and offers it for free (since it would be illegal to sell WordPress).
  •  It’s design makes it naturally “friendly” to search engines, and with a few plugins, becomes a search engines dream.
  •  Easily updated in both pages and posts
  •  Anyone can do it (unless of course, like Wayne says, you think you can’t)
  •  It can be done completely on your own
  •  Even major media use WordPress including massive traffic sites like Townhall.com and TheBlaze.com, TechCrunch, Adobe Blogs, Getty Images, and on and on.

Why Use WordPress if You Start an Online Business

Hopefully, the 9 items above give you some pretty clear reasons you should be starting your business on WordPress.  But I know there are some of you thinking you can just do it for free on WordPress.com or on Blogger.com and not have to pay for hosting.

Well kiddies, I’m a lot like Wayne on this subject; if you aren’t willing to pay 5 bucks a month for hosting and 10 bucks for a domain name, you don’t belong in business online.  You aren’t serious.

I know of no successful business that has not made their WordPress site “their own.”  I’m talking about never putting a business on a free host.  I too, have done work for many people on “free” hosts and gone to them only to find the site gone. What you must understand is free hosts can take your site down anytime they feel like it.

Finally, it is so easy to make a well designed business website that does everything a business wants, that going elsewhere for a content management system when you are starting is not wise, in my opinion.  There are so many professional WordPress themes that are easily customized without any special code work makes it another reason to be starting your business on WordPress.

If you are a small business, without the time to make your own site, I discovered when I decided to write here that Wayne’s company makes amazing sites that not only look good; but since Wayne is an SEO expert himself, creates them fully optimized for any business.  His gallery is located here.

You also have the option of having an easily customizable site done for you for free here and here.  Both are excellent choices for the newbie, and you can make them look any way you like.

Finally, I took a look at other options for really mastering WordPress on your own.  You should check this out if you want some real, easy to follow instruction to become fluent in running your own WordPress based site.