3 Months Is Bigger Than You Think

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

February 13, 2012

finding success

How high do you have to climb?

Kind of a strange title.  I know.  If you read my book, this will all make a whole lot more sense.

If you’ve seen any of my sales videos, you know I lay it out there in the sales videos.

Everyone has something they really want to forget ever happened.  But most can easily get past it by simply staying on a positive course and re-focusing their attitude.

I know almost anything doesn’t have to remain a part of you — unless the government wants it to, and then others keep using those records against you regardless of how you perform.  Regardless of your reality.

At the end of my Navy career, I was so depressed, and so lost in direction, I completely lost control of my life.  In a matter of three months, the government was able to redefine my “on paper” existence totally.  My 43 years of literally spotless performance was completely redefined by it – at least on paper.

The real me has only grown better and stronger, but the paper version continues to be used against me despite my having made the events totally public in the form of a best selling book.

Nonetheless, this “paper version” will jump in my way, time and time again.  Often so boldly that any value I bring is often completely turned on end by it.

Sometimes it makes me cry.  Sometimes it makes me want to hide.  Sometimes it makes me not want to get out of bed.

But all of the time it makes me fight harder to be stronger than anyone who has used it against me without cause.  Not for revenge or vendettas though.  But for setting the bar even higher.  Why?

Because I am good, and I do good things.  In fact, I’ll be so arrogant as to say I do great things to what ever level I possibly can.  There is no limit.  I know there will be more people standing in my way than the average person will have to face.  I’m not saying others don’t have similar high hurdles.  In fact, many do.

But I know I’m not average.  If I believed I couldn’t achieve, I could never have survived 10 years in a depression and then 3 years banished from the world.  Sure, it all ended dramatically.  But I had the power of will – self will.  It’s not unique to me.  Everyone has it.

It’s just that many can’t channel it, and then others take control.  The roadblocks keeping jumping up, and the “will” gets real tired of fighting.  I understand that well.

I haven’t reached the top yet.  But I’ll be damned if I’ll stop trying.  How bout you?

Wayne Sharer

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  1. Ruel

    I understand where you are coming from.  I too have been in the doldrums of late.  I like to thank you for posing the challenge and raising the bar for all to strive and overcome odds.  I hope you will continue what you do.  Everyone needs a mentor who will not only teach underlings to probe but more importantly guide them to follow a proven system that will make them achieve their goals.  May you not grow tired of sharing your working knowledge!

    • TrafficStarterPro

      Hello Ruel, keep at it. The only odds not defeat-able are death itself. The rest all have options, new courses, different pathways. Your challenge is to find them if you are willing to take the challenge. Keep at it.


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