I’ll start with today, and go back to the beginning later.

I think it’s important for you to know that I’m not a sugar coater.  Unlike others who claim not to be, if you checked with my Navy peers, and those that work with me, you would find more than a handful of evidence that I’m not.

So if you can handle someone being point blank, and calling a slug a slug, and not a calling it a flower, then you are in the right place.

I do all that self-analysis stuff, and really, there may be a bunch of reasons that a psychologist would make for me being the way I am, but the bottom line is, I chose it in the end.

Despite what all the flaky liberals think, you are responsible for who you are and what you do.  Someone else is not.

That’s how I operate my business, an my life.  If something doesn’t work that I use or try to use, then the first place I look for a problem is with me.  I don’t instantly start calling everyone a scam, and ever product BS just because it didn’t work for me.

That’s my mindset for everything.

I grew up where I was told to take responsibility.  If my dad were alive today, he would be shocked at all the cry babies blaming everyone but themselves for the way they are.  So I’m shocked for him.

I have no outlandish claims of ADD.  In fact, for the most part I think ADD is a bogus excuse for not getting things done.  I get tired of hearing it.  Sure, there may be a few instances were the problem is extreme.  I’m not putting it down.

But excuses like “I have ADD” and others are so over used, that it just drives me crazy. (I warned you – I call a slug a slug!)

So I’m here now with my own business, after a life flying around in the Navy, and after losing everything twice, not because I’m lucky and avoided scams.  No, it’s because I take full responsibility for what I achieve, and how I achieve it.

I will help anyone that does the same.  Start with the selfish excuses, and you loose my attention real quick.  You better have a whole lot of real, factual proof before you start telling me how everything is someone elses fault, and not yours.

… be warned, I’ll challenge you right back.  If you can’t take the challenge, then don’t tell me how it is not your fault that your business isn’t working.

Alright, so now you got a short dose of the real me.  Yes, I’m pretty hard line about personal responsibility.  But I don’t kiss ass, and I don’t take the baby, thumb-sucking excuses for personal failure.

Join me if you want thoroughly researched insights, and recommendations for real offers and tools that will help your business, if you use them correctly.

I look forward to sharing more with you.

Coming soon, more on my life in the past… but remember, I live in the present!

– Wayne Sharer