Serving as an American Military Service Man or Women

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

May 30, 2017

Change of Command Ceremony

My change of command ceremony with my Brother in law, Brother, and Sister who all served.

What is serving your county?

In America, it does not mean serving to protect a government or flag. It is something much greater.

Countries are not made up of flags or only government. The American Flag is indeed a great symbol. But it too, is not a symbol of government.

Like serving your country, the American Flag is a symbol of all it’s free people and all the rights of those free people the government is sworn to serve.

Serving the country as a military person is about serving and protecting the people represented by that flag and the rights they earned by uniting under that flag. The American Flag is protected because it represents the success and freedom of those same people.

Since the first world war, serving our country has meant something even bigger. It has meant protecting all those in the world being attacked by the same threats as those wishing to destroy Americans.

The American Service men and women serve and die truly for what God wants – respecting the lives of all humans who respect the lives of others.

American military warriors, since the Mexican-American War, have set the standard for war.  However just or un-just that war may have been politically, it also told the world that war is no longer about conquering your enemy and claiming all their peoples land.

That war concluded with the U.S. purchasing the land in the U.S. from the Mexican government.  There was no force or undue pressure used to achieve that sale.  The price was agreed upon by both nations.

Then, the US government also paid the people of Mexico that provided them food and rations.  They paid for personal property destroyed.  Sure, they likely didn’t get it all covered or some people likely felt they did not get what they deserved.  But in the end it set the standard of what American service men and woman stand for.

They serve and fight for the freedom, protection and rights of all people being attacked by the same threats attacking America – not for conquering and glory.

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