2 Steps to the Best Targeted Traffic and Profits

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

May 26, 2010

So You Want the Best Targeted Traffic…

You’re going to hate me when I tell you this.

No guru will tell you this, because you won’t buy their products if you thought this before you started…

But you can’t toss up a website, if you’ve never been online, and don’t have a list,…

… and expect thousands of free visitors every day.  You won’t get that with anyone’s free traffic system.

That’s why I focus on the best targeted traffic, and building it the right way, not the “wishful thinking” way.

A Top Targeted Traffic Choice

But if I had just a $170 total to spend to get the best targeted traffic possible, and have a real chance of real profits starting in 30 days (or even less), I would do article marketing!

Uggggh!  I know you hate that.  However, I’m not talking about writing tons of articles and submitting them to EzineArticles like every Guru tells you to do.  That could be the single, most difficult way to get any serious search engine traffic or targeted results for your website.

Exactly how would I do it?

Step 1. Well, I know I blowing my own horn, but first — if I never did the online thing before — I would get TrafficStarterPro because it shows you how to set up your website for less than $15, and then gets you real traffic simply by posting quality content on your website.

Step 2. Then, as module 7 of TrafficStarterPro shows you, I would start article marketing.  Here’s how:

In your niche of choice, start writing quality, non-hyped up, honest review articles of the best selling affiliate products, and/or information products available.  Just one each day.

Take that review to the best secret resource on the net.

Have them distribute it for you.  And watch the results.

What’s the secret resource?

Unique Article Wizard

You see, Unique Article Wizard sends your content to thousands of directories and thousands of blogs – automatically.

In EzineArticles.com, you have to hope that someone will find your article, like it, and then use it.

Which way do you think is better?

I can guarantee the Unique Article Wizard way is better.  Here’s the results from an article I posted just a week and a half ago (This image was made from real search engine results, just before I wrote this newsletter):

My video review is number 2 for that product.

10 days ago, after writing a quality article for the product above, it started distribution.  As a result of the steady syndication to blogs and directories, it is already number 2 in the search results.

In that 10 days, it’s got 747 visits from those posts, and 3 sales.  That’s a 5% percent conversion.

Now the one above it used a payed source, but that’s a different subject.  These are real results for just one article.  Imagine if you went full force for just 30 days.

The Power of 1 Review

You write one review post a day in a highly optimized blog as taught in TrafficStarterPro, and then one related article.

Then submit the article to Unique Article Wizard.  You could easily turn the 3 sales into 90 sales or more, if you have really good content.  That could be $4,000 in extra income if you hit on great products in your niche.

So this isn’t about hype, it is about real potential, after testing this myself with a real submission.

Are you seeing the picture here?

Decide What’s Best

So you decide what’s best, but I highly recommend TrafficStarterPro — naturally, I made it.  But also, I have found no better distribution source than Unique Article Wizard.  Check it out below:

Submit your article to hundreds of sites

Give it a go, if you dare…

– Wayne Sharer

P.S.And, yes, of course I’m an affiliate, and a member.  How else could I test it out?  If you join through my link, you get a TrafficSupremePro Diamond Membership ($67 Value) for free, plus 50,000 additional credits.  You must join before June 6th for the best targeted traffic.

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