Can you get targeted traffic from nothing? Where is the best automated traffic websites? These are questions that you probably have over and over again, and never really get them answered. So what is this newsletter all about… It’s about the reality of Automated Traffic by Jeff Dedrick, and can it really work.  This is very important to your success, so I included this review as a newsletter.  This is rare in my newsletters, so take it serious. Right off the bat, I have to let you know this is not a hyped up, bogus crap review just to get you to buy this.  In fact, after reading this, many of you likely will decide it isn’t something you can use… and that’s fine . Also, I’ll tell you straight up, that I bought the product at approximately May 11, 2010, 5:03 pm, EDT in the USA.  I did not get an advance review version so I could hype this launch.  I bought it, have gone through a number of videos, and reviewed most of the scripts…

and this is what I found…

First, in case you decide you want this, I have a really valuable bonus that will really make the product useful for you at the end.  So stick with me if you are considering this investment… Back to what I found.  Number one, before I even buy, I have to know something about product creator or provider.  Jeff Dedrick has provided reliable, and quality products in the past.  Some include Viral eBook Explosion, Instant Bonus Page, Hidden Sales Project, and Website Graphics Empire. I used both Viral eBook Explosion, and Instant Bonus Page.  They worked as advertised, but I did not find them all that super great.  However, don’t read this wrong, they weren’t bogus, they just didn’t meet my needs. I was a little hesitant about the grand claims of the pre-launch.  I got the free Automated Ads Lite Script.  I liked the way it worked, and it’s ability to “adjust” to your website visitors buying habits is very important.  So he peaked my interest, and made me believe he may actually be releasing something very special.

Here’s My Opinion About Automated Traffic…

The focus of the sales page was not traffic volume, but traffic conversionsThat is vital. If you’ve been following me a while, you know I have committed 2010 to increasing targeted traffic and traffic conversions to sales.  So by coincidence, he caught my attention. However, my skeptics jumped into play when he claimed this was good even if you don’t have a website.  More on that in a moment. Let’s cut to the chase.  Does this really automate all your traffic needs?  Yes and no.  It does not make it possible to “set and forget” you web traffic building.  Sorry, there isn’t any such thing as that, and Automated Traffic doesn’t do it either. So I find that part of the sales letter misleading. Can a newbie really generate traffic and sales with this and without a website?  Maybe.  However, only if you have some knowledge of why you are using these scripts and how to market.  If you have this knowledge, you’re probably not a newbie.  So I really don’t recommend this unless you have some other traffic generating skills. ….  That’s where my bonus comes into play…. Back to the meat of the matter.  So I don’t really think it’s great for newbies (exception noted).  However, if you have started mastering some skills in generating traffic and want to increase conversions, then these scripts can be a real boost in your sales.

Here’s what’s in month 1:

  • Automated Ads Elite
  • Blogger Seo Annihilator
  • Viral Survey Money & Traffic Generator
  • Buyer Keyword Dominator
  • Secret Classified Traffic Generator
  • Review Keyword Dominator
  • Competition Keyword Dominatorwestern union sri lanka uragasmanhandiya i>
  • Yahoo Answers Alert
  • Contact Form Creator
  • Custom Keyword Dominator
That’s quite a list for the first month.  Some of the best are — Secret Classified Traffic Generator, Viral Survey Money & Traffic Generator, Automated Ads Elite — I find these especially useful, and actually unique. If you don’t have any other automated keyword tool like Miro Niche Finder or Buyer Keywords Generator, then you you will definitely love the keyword tools.  However, it appears that these scripts are most useful if you already know some good keywords, and want a fast way to modify them for attracting buyers (and that’s very important).  So you still need to do your initial keyword research in some other classic way. Jeff promises to deliver new scripts every month.  I have no doubt, he will.  I’ll tell you if he doesn’t. (Do you remember my Mass PPV Traffic Review?) Again, if you’ve already started generating traffic and have a small clue of what it takes to create traffic, then you will definitely be very glad to have this Automated Traffic by Jeff Dedrick. If you’re a newbie, you definitely will want to do my bonus first, and apply the Automated Traffic to my bonus. This is the best traffic software I’ve seen this year because it focuses on conversions, and not quantity.  That is definitely a no-hype sales hook!

What’s My Bonus?

Free Lifetime Premier Access to  It’s all yours.  TrafficStarterPro gets even the completely, “never touched a computer” new to the web guy up and running with a niche website and real traffic plus targeted leads in step by step training.  There is over $4,000 worth of training and bonuses included. How do you get the Bonus? Get your access to Automated Traffic by Jeff Dedrick by clicking the banner below.  When you get to the Clickbank order page:
  1. Scroll to the bottom
  2. Make sure you see [affiliate=hmigroup] at the bottom.
  3. If you do, go ahead and complete your purchase
  4. If you don’t, clear your cookies, a then click my affiliate link below and try again.
  5. After you complete your order, mail your receipt to me at support  [  at  ] and I will send you instructions to access your Lifetime Premier Membership in TrafficStarterPro.

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