Here’s a proven fact: All SEO marketers with any valid experience at all completely agree that the best type of back links for search engine traffic are the backlinks embedded in the main text of content such as articles…

If you don’t believe me, just check with experts like the folks at Stomper Net, or WebProNews.

Google, Bing and Yahoo absolutely love these embedded links, and they WILL improve your rankings, thus improve your free, search engine traffic.

Here’s another proven fact: In order to create enough totally UNIQUE content like that in this blog post, or in articles for article directories requires a lot of time and a lot of hard work.  You really have to be dedicated.

Writing just one time a week and using that same article 100 times just won’t work.  The big search engines can identify duplicate content very easily, and they won’t count that article more than a couple of times.  Sometimes, only once.

Getting Around This…

There are numerous ways to get around this.  They include:

  • Hire a writing service at 5 to 7 bucks per article (cost per 100= $500 – $700)
  • Hire a distribution or syndication service (cost $67 to $197 per month)

Using these methods WILL solve your problem. However, if you are just getting started, they likely start a new problem…

They cost more than you have a budget for!

What’s the Solution?

Over the years, I’ve used a number of tools to help me create and distribute articles.  I’m always looking for the latest and greatest improvements.

I just reviewed a brand new, cutting edge tool designed specifically to outsmart Google’s duplicate content analysis, at really a very amazing speed.  It literally beats all duplicate content filters!

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This fantastic new tool is the cutting edge of article spinning.  It can literally take your single article and turn it into 100’s of 100% unique content – every version is completely different — and do this nearly instantly.  Then it is ready for your use.

The expense of outsourcing articles really is eliminated.

The time it takes to personally do all of this is literally a 100 fold savings.

What I liked even more..

Matt Carter, the guy who made this software, has been really very quietly ranking in significant cash from the FREE search engine traffic.  He does this by using his cutting edge, totally expert, link generating master plan.

Best I can tell, he has kept this plan to himself until now…

The way to get in on this is to check it out yourself, and I HIGHLY recommend you do.

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==> Article Writing on Steroids

– Wayne Sharer

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