It’s been a busy year. If you remember back in January, I promised to stay focused on generating traffic and creating profitable conversions.

So I was thinking of what may be most useful for you, particularly if you are pulled off in many directions trying to decide what will help you the most.

Below are the resources that I have checked out and validated as the most useful in generating success and building real profits.  There won’t be any fancy banners, just links to the main pages so you can check them out if you like.

Let’s get started…

Best for creating a website, and starting a longtime traffic flow on a low budget:

Traffic Starter Pro. Yes, this is my product.  However, I have used many, and checked out many, and I know that it is the still the best there is for getting started the right way, with real, highly targeted traffic.

Best for Generating Highly Targeted Traffic Fast, and in Large Quantities:

Rapid Mass Traffic. This is not free traffic o.k.  If you want your business to expand rapidly, this it by far and away the very best training on how to conquer pay per view traffic.  You need to have this.

Confidential Conversions. This is clearly a big winner for alternate pay per click traffic sources.  Even though it’s taught by a kid who doesn’t really know how to teach, it is an absolute gold mine of secret resources and exactly how to use them.  You need this.

Best in-depth, automated traffic system:

Marketing on the Fringe.  This program is perfect for learning the art of automating your traffic systems.  It’s not about not spending any money.  It’s about investing in the right tools, using the right techniques to be a long term traffic magnet.  It is all about how make the tools pay for themselves.

Best Free Viral Traffic Generating tool:

TrafficSupremePro. Yes, this one is mine, too.  I have to tell you, I acquired this technology specifically because it’s so good.  You need as many tools as you can get and actually use effectively, and TrafficSupremePro is the the best free generator of highly targeted, viral traffic there is.

TrafficZipper. This is the best free listbuilder there is.  If you are on a low budget, and need alternate ways to save time using listbuilder programs and emailers, TrafficZipper is definitely the winner.

Ok my friends, this is it for now on the best of the best targeted traffic builders on the web.

Coming soon, the worst programs I’ve used.  Stay tuned.

– Wayne Sharer

P.S. If you have some real recommendations that are based on your personal use, and personal success, I would love to hear them below.  This doesn’t mean just pop in an affiliate link you trying to promote.  This is a newsletter, and you need to provide news based on facts also.

Note: I have used everyone of the products I recommend.  I judge them based on real results, and real ability for you or anyone to be able to duplicate what is taught….  and yes, the products that are not my personal products have my affiliate link in them – of course!