So I’ve told you before that having a money blog is key to your success if you have to start off relying on low cost and free targeted traffic sources.  A blog is one of the best targeted traffic sources there is – when done correctly.

However, it’s a fact that one of the most difficult things with creating a successful money blog or any niche site, is to monetize the site effectively.

More Important Elements of Your Money Blog

Some of the other important elements are your keyword research and selection, and creating useful and relevant content, not the crap that you see in RSS feed blogs, or blogs full of PLR that wasn’t even re-written.  But in reality, this is the easy part.

Converting your best targeted traffic into real paying customers is not nearly as easy.

If you visit any of the forums on internet marketing, you’re likely to see that this is a perplexing problem for most newbies, and even many more experienced online marketers.

What Do You Do About It?

Run, hide, give up?  Hmmm, those aren’t the solutions I use, but many do.  Let’s take a look though at some winner solutions.

There isn’t a perfect answer for everyone.  You have to consider many things like:

  • What’s your niche
  • How many affiliate programs are in your niche
  • What’s your blog layout
  • How much targeted traffic can you get

All these things come into play in determining how to best monetize your blog.

The bottom line is the whole process can be extremely boring, and take way longer than you want to deal with.  You have to constantly change things like:

  • The advert layout on your blog
  • What programs you promote
  • The types of adverts you use.

Doing this can really boost your income, but it isn’t really much fun.

The Good News

This is really exciting, because it didn’t exist when I started.  There really is a solution that makes monetizing your blog a snap.

As long as you are using a WordPress platform, this great new plugin definitely promises to really help boost your profits — and the best thing is, you don’t have to write tons of content or create massive new streams of visitors. without having to write loads more content or get any more visitors.

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