Clickbank Promotional Guidelines
Well friends, it looks like Clickbank’s new promotional guidelines may be a serious response to the super hype, super B.S., lying, scheming, deceptive crap products released in the past year.

The real question… Have they gone too far?

You need to read them both as a consumer and as a merchant.

Since the fact that the crap products of the previous year were accepted on Clickbank by their reviewers to begin with, it seems like the new rules may be a stab at dodging any blame, and really making it difficult for vendors.

My consumer eye says these new rules will make me feel more secure about what I’m buying via the Clickbank marketplace.  So, as a consumer – who you must realize consumers are in it for themselves, I’m not likely to see where these incredibly tight rules could be a hindrance to me and you.

As a vendor, this is severe.  In particular, the new rules really make creating an “acceptable” sales video for Clickbank much more difficult.

The one rule in particular making your work more complicated is this…


  • Vendors must submit a script prior to shooting the video. Videos will not be accepted without a script pre-review.

So what does a vendor do?  Create great copy to generate sales, then have Clickbank act as your approval authority.  You work with a copy writer, video producer, or others, and the end game is, Clickbank decides if you can use the video???

If you read closely the remaining  Clickbank “Vendor Promotional Messaging Guidelines,” you may not find them so harsh as a vendor.  In fact, you shouldn’t be doing any of these things if you want to stay out of trouble with the law.

The biggest question for me is how limiting is the video script preview requirement?

Some real “Bravos” in the rules…

Initial product sold must be a standalone product of value.  Any upsells or downsells must be enhancements to the initial product and must not be required to make the initial product work.

Will not allow… Statements that infer that the product is significantly easier to use than it really is (for example, “one push button to make money” or “three simple words will provide you income”).

Real and genuine discounts from the normal price. In other words, it must have sold at the higher price to be called a discount.

If you are currently on Clickbank or want to place a product there, you really must review these new Clickbank Promotional Guidelines.

What are your thoughts on the new “rules?”  Tell us all below in the comments.