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by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

September 11, 2010

Affiliate Cash Center ImageThis one’s for you, completely…

I know how much you, as an online entrepreneur, love  to build your business and create income streams.

To help you do this better, I’ve begun consolidating as many of my products into my new Affiliate Cash Center as possible.

So, right up front, here’s…

What’s in it for You

  • 65 % commissions on every product in the center.
  • 65% commissions on every up sell in every product
  • Guaranteed payments
  • Easy access to all the affiliate tools
  • Ability to get commissions, even by sending customers to your own squeeze pages
  • Full statistics tracking
  • Continuously growing bank of quality, and profitable products
Click Here to Enter the Affiliate  Cash Center

Here’s the Details

Over time, as I introduce more products, it becomes difficult for you to find the affiliate centers, and manage your earnings through these products.

To fix this, I’ve begun listing as many of my products as possible in Clickbank.

The reason is, Clickbank is a very simple way to outsource affiliate payments reliably.  Through Clickbank, I can guarantee your payments, without having to do tons of management myself.

One problem in Clickbank is that the statistics they provide aren’t a reliable predictor of the quality of products, nor is it easy for you to find all the products from a particular vendor.

Your new Affiliate Cash Center here at enable you to find every product I able to list in Clickbank…

  • in a single location
  • create custom affiliate links
  • send your customers to any page you choose and still get the commission
  • not have to search Clickbank every time you are looking for your link
  • use Clickbank tracking IDs, without ever having to go to Clickbank
  • have your affiliate link protected

I’m sure there’s more.  These are the benefits immediately jumping to mind.

Inside you’ll have your choice of using the basic link provided, or you can easily add tracking IDs to any links.

Here’s a Biggy…

You can send your customer to any page ultimately resulting in a sale by you, and you are guaranteed a commission.

What does this mean?  Here’s an example…

Let’s say you want to sell “Awesome Product X,” and you saw a great press release on the product so you want to show your customer the product through the press release.

By using your links in the Affiliate Cash Center, you can create an affiliate link for “Awesome Product X” and send your customer to the press release, drop your affiliate cookie and be guaranteed the sales commission when your customer ultimately goes to the sales page.

How cool is that? 😎

Literally, you can send your customer to any page you want, including your own sales page, your own squeeze page, of whatever, and be guaranteed the commission on the sale.

Affiliate Payments

Clickbank is a proven, trusted and reliable affiliate manager and payment manager.  Your commission checks are guaranteed, even if I were to go out of business or die tomorrow!

Log into the Affiliate Cash Center Today

Just click the link below, and create your affiliate account.

Tour the center, and get started with your promotions today.  Thanks for being an affiliate at

Click Here to Enter the Affiliate Cash Center

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