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I’ve seen a number of them lately – Firesales.

Are you familiar with firesales?

They are a way to sell products you have the rights to sell in a mass sale at a reduced price to generate some fairly quick dollars for your business.

A great concept, and you can actually find some great internet marketing Firesales.

Why am I Writing About IM FireSales

The truth is, I wasn’t going to write anything… until I got an email about another Firesale.  I clicked the link and went through the products.

Since I’ve become pretty intimately familiar with good and bad PLR and MRR products, I quickly recognized this as a junk sale.

Knowing the Junk Sale From the FireSale

A legitimate FireSale, in my humble opinion, is not one where the marketer takes all the useless PLR and MRR products he or she owns and sells them for $17 or $27, or $37.

In fact, this is one of the sure signs of a junk sale.  Here’s a few more signs of  junk:

  • Sells at a ridiculously low price
  • Has so many items, you can’t review them all
  • Says they are all worth thousands of dollars – why wouldn’t you then be selling for at least a hundred dollars?
  • Claims they are saving you from being taken by savvy marketers and gurus.
  • Can’t find them for sale anywhere at the price suggested

So, even if you don’t have the familiarity with PLR and MRR that I do, you can start with this checklist and have a good idea if you are getting real value, or just some marketer is trying to sucker you into dumping a few dollars in his or her Paypal account.

O.K. … you probably want to know which Firesale got me all FIRED UP.

Sorry Ken Reno, but its yours.  My personal opinion, and this is JUST MY Personal Opinion, is 85% of what’s in that sale is just over used junk.

I’m assuming most of what’s in the sale is MRR not PLR, which makes it even worse.  Problem is, the sales page doesn’t tell you whether it’s PLR or MRR or what it is.

  • One that has products that you can really tell what they are.
  • They don’t hide information, because there’s tons of information about them.
  • They aren’t being sold for tenths of pennies on the dollar.
  • You can actually find the products being sold for the prices claimed
  • You get PLR rights (you can actually make great products from crap PLR – but I’m not going into that here)

There’s probably a few more clues, but these are the obvious ones.

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