Happy Thanksgiving to You and Your Family

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

November 22, 2012

I realize everyone visiting may not be American, and thus not specifically celebrating a day of Thanksgiving today.  Nonetheless, I consider you and everyone part of my prayers of Thanksgiving.

You see, if you didn’t exist, there would be no reason for me to share what I’ve learned and what I know.  It doesn’t matter what country you’re from.  If you want to help others and build a business that provides real value to others, then I am extremely thankful for you and I thank God for the opportunity to share with you.

Mankind is full of good, and sometimes it seems like good is losing to the greed and selfish interest of governments and those that want everything from nothing.  I admit, I feel that pressure often.  Yet, I realize that mankind is not the devil many leaders are trying to paint them to be, and by you and I being entrepreneurs, we can defeat the greed by simply providing excessively valuable goods and services to our fellow man.

In the US, we are losing this battle, much the same as Europe and other places.  We have a leader that daily tells people success is bad, and making money is bad.  He encourages people to go on welfare, while painting the entrepreneurs who work endlessly to provide value, jobs, and avenues to success as evil.

By you striving to build a thriving business providing solutions to real people for real problems they feel overwhelmed with is vital to the good of mankind.  If you don’t succeed, and then you quit, many thousands of people will miss out from the good you have to offer.

You and I, as entrepreneurs in a free market are the ones that will enable good for all by providing the services and value people seek.  If you and I keep our convictions for good, eventually, the leaders who seek to divide will be removed.

So I am thankful to you and to God for giving me the opportunity to serve as many people as I can reach.  I am thankful everyday for this, and I use Thanksgiving Day to express that thanks to you.

May God bless and your family.

Wayne Sharer


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