Logical Cash from the Best Targeted Traffic

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

June 7, 2010

The world of starting a business online (or anywhere else) is a challenge.

Many start off thinking they will be rich overnight… literally.  They are quick to be gone from the world of online marketing without anything at all.

Others discover maybe they were wrong, and change their mindset to actually work at getting a business going.

There’s another “class” that comes in already understanding they have to work, and are committed to doing anything to create a successful business that can ultimately ensure their future and the future of their family.

Which category do you fit in?

Probably not the first, or you wouldn’t be reading today’s newsletter.

You likely are in some version of the second or third scenarios.

So you certainly will understand a logical progression to building a cash generating business with tons of the best targeted traffic arriving every day. I personally started in the third category above.

My twist on things was I had no financial resources to start with.  Over time, I’ve steadily improved my results to slowly, but surely move to the level I desire.  My road map starts with you only having about 250 bucks to spend wisely.

So you know I’m genuinely starting as a “worst case” study.

Let me share with you a couple things that are key:

  1. You need a plan with real goals and some idea of how you’re going to achieve them
  2. First thing first… you’ll need a basic tool box.  You need a website – a real website, not a free hosted one.  Sorry freebie seekers, but that’s a fact!  Unless of course you’re happy with the idea that some host can take your website down anytime they want… even if you are making money from it. When you don’t pay, you have no say.  Remember that!
  3. You need to start by focusing on building a list.  You can generate sales at the same time, but your focus needs to be on list building.  For this you need an autoresponder.
  4. You need credibility.  Regardless of how much you know about anything, if no one knows you, then you have to build credibility.  You need a blog for this.
  5. You need highly targeted traffic.  There are all kinds of sources for the best targeted traffic.  On a low budget, you must focus on trading time for visitors, so it must be productive. (traffic exchanges, and safelists are not productive).Having a blog will help you here too.  Using social media, and article distribution are the two most effective lead generators that are free or very low cost.
  6. You need to put your initial profits back into your business and start doing things like making high quality media buys, and outsourcing task tedious, but important tasks.  Once you are able to buy targeted traffic, your business will explode.  That’s not hype, or wishful thinking, that’s fact.

To accomplish the first 5 steps, I systematically made it possible to achieve it all.  TrafficStarterPro is literally a “hold your hand” guide to get you through the first 5 steps with confidence.

You’ll get a plan to:

  • Virtually guarantee you’re in a profitable niche
  • Know exactly where your paying traffic is “hiding”
  • Completely create your own blog website that you can use for creating credibility and marketing your products or best niche affiliate offers
  • A library of the best resources available today
  • Assemble a website in a fashion that will make your visitors come almost on autopilot, and they will want to stay and keep coming back
  • A full-proof system for generating social media traffic for free
  • Master article marketing quickly and effectively
  • Create an automated system for generating leads using tools you have completely free access to.
  • Eliminate your wasted time on things like traffic exchanges, safelists, gimmick programs, bogus matrices and other useless listbuilding “programs”
  • Enable you to jump into media buying when you have put these things into action and started your profit basis.

That’s a lot, but there’s really lots more in TrafficStarterPro.  So if you haven’t but everything together in the 5 steps above, isn’t it time to create your wining plan.  Imagine how much easier life will be when you have a complete plan in place taking you step-by-step to the next level in your business development.

Your friends will stop telling you that you’re a fool and that you’ll never do it.  They won’t be snickering behind your back.  In fact, they will be wanting to know just what you did.  TrafficStarterPro is the right plan to get it all together and help you leap to the next level.

– Wayne Sharer

Special Opportunity — I know you are a great person, and you want your business to succeed.  The greatest commodity you need for this to happen is highly targeted, buying visitors.  Become a Premier Member of TrafficStarterPro right now, I will also add in a Diamond Membership at TrafficSupremePro plus 10,000 additional traffic credits ($498 value) to start you on the path to highly automated, highly targeted viral traffic.

Note: This offer can be retracted at any time, and without notice.  Sorry if it’s not available when you visit.  I guarantee availability through June 13th, 2010.

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