The Single Most Powerful Traffic Generator Ever

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

May 1, 2010

What exactly is the biggest targeted traffic generator of them all?

Isn’t that a question that you wonder constantly, especially when you’re new to internet business, or have been online for a while and haven’t been able to get any real website traffic?

The answer is just one word…


Your marketing – both internet marketing, and traditional marketing – are the biggest possible traffic generation tools.

Here’s the problem.

Many people, maybe even you, have confused marketing and advertising, and really don’t fully “get” which is which, and why each is different.  To maximize the web traffic power of marketing, you have to know when you are beyond just advertising.

So, the first thing to understand is that advertising is just one piece of marketing.  So when you are advertising, you are marketing.  But not the other way around.  When you do marketing, you may not be advertising.

Of course, advertising is something you pay for to get your products in front of other people.  Online, there is free advertising like:

  • article marketing
  • blog writing
  • video distribution or syndication

… to name just a few.

And there is paid advertising like Google Adwords (and other PPC), Cost per Acquisition (CPA), Pay per View (PPV), Classified Advertising and more.

Where does Marketing fit in?

Marketing, to keep the definition simple, is everything you do and every part of your business.  You are marketing.

This means that every time you speak, you push the send button on your emails, you shake hands casually with a new acquaintance, every thing you post in a forum is marketing.

Each and every website you possess is marketing your goods.  This, of course means, all your online content is marketing.  Even your customer service and interaction is marketing.

What does this mean?

It means every action you take is marketing, and every action can result in a flurry of targeted visitors at your money site.  Even better, it can mean a flurry of return customers that want to buy more.

Understanding this is what makes marketing your most powerful targeted traffic generation tool.  Things like your search engine traffic and rankings definitely get real impact from your overall marketing.

More website traffic from outside sources DOES affect your rankings, and WILL help you move up or retain your current high ranking on a keyword or phrase.

Marketing is everything.  Remember that.

One Big Mistake

By making the mistake of believing advertising and marketing are the same is literally ignoring the customer value of everything else you do.

Don’t make that mistake.  You want success, I’m sure of it, and knowing how to expand your marketing makes you a targeted traffic magnet.

So, besides advertising, what is the most powerful form of marketing you do?  Tell me about it in the comments.

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  1. Alex

    The confusion between marketing and advertising is widespread as is the the further confusion with Public Relations. (Another blog post?)

    The most powerful part of marketing is “listening” aka market research, itself confused with keyword research.

    No wonder its so hard to get going in this industry!!

    All The Best


  2. TrafficStarterPro

    Hi Alex,

    Would definitely agree that listening is very powerful. It's the one skill so many just don't do. Just think, how often to you talk to someone, and they nod in acknowledgment, yet you can tell they didn't hear a thing.

    Stay well

  3. Najja Banks

    I would ad that marketing is the sum of all your efforts for example: An ad in a newspaper which leads to a phone call for a free report then the free report gives valuable information and at the same time soft selling your services. The report also has links to more valuable information only found on your website. On your website of course is information about your services. Taking it one step further now you have added them to your monthly newsletter or you just keep dripping your sales pieces on them. I believe that is what you were saying in your article

  4. TrafficStarterPro

    Excellent insight.
    I think you've got. It's all connected — and that's marketing. Marketing goes far beyond advertising.
    Thanks for the great comment

    Wayne Sharer

  5. TrafficStarterPro

    Excellent insight.
    I think you've got. It's all connected — and that's marketing. Marketing goes far beyond advertising.
    Thanks for the great comment

    Wayne Sharer


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