You probably think, each time you hear the word “Mindset” you are just going to hear some off the wall preaching about what you have to think.  So maybe your asking, “What the hell are you talking about this time Wayne?”  So let me explain…

I’ve learned, and possibly you have too, there happens to be a major difference between the guys raking in $1k, 2k, 10k or more per day and the massive numbers of affiliates struggling every day trying to figure out how all this online sales is going to work out.  I’ve seen it over the past 3 years as I developed my strategies.

The real fact is, almost all the information you actually need is already out there for you.  There really are hundreds of places to do media buys, and tons of courses you do yourself to learn things like how to make $5k a day on Facebook.  However, it is all quite useless until you have the mindset… a master code that you operate with.

So I’ll clarify a bit…

I’ve been studying the art of media buys from a real media legend named Scott Rewick (one of the top media buyers).  Maybe you don’t know him, but he is literally the king of media buying.  He shared with me a what he says are the 4 major things differentiating the super affiliates from the chumps.

Here they are (I’ll quote him exactly):

1. They have a never ending  curiosity about the space.  They are constant learners.

Are you?

2. Numbers matter more than opinions.  The truth is in the data.  Are you data driven?

3. They invest the time.  They are willing to put in whatever time is necessary to get to where they are going.  Can you make this statement?

4. They focus.  They don’t wander off until they can solve the problem.

You may read this and see it as really simple.  But that’s just it!  I can’t over stress what a difference this is going to make for your media buying (getting the best targeted traffic)… but only if you adopt at least some part of this methodology!

So if you have a serious drive to listen to guys totally embracing these pillars, then you definitely will want to grab this interview series.  It’s the one place where you learn first hand, exactly how the do it, and how they think when they do it.  Point Your Mouse Here and Click!

See you soon.

– Wayne Sharer

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