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by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

July 5, 2010

That’s right, you’re going to see the most powerful targeted traffic generator there is, email marketing.  Let’s look at some key points about successful email campaigns…

Diving right in, the key element of getting the most return from your emailing is using anticipation marketing.  This is one of the most highly valuable success secrets you MUST apply.

This isn’t an in-depth version, but the basics of anticipation in email marketing include blasting teaser emails to your customers days, weeks, even months ahead of time depending on the size and value of your promotion or launch.

Give little ticklers like this…

“Hey Julie, I’ve got something your gonna love.  Bad news is, I can’t tell you much just yet.  Keep an eye out for a super time sensitive email from me on {date & time}.”

You can add just a touch more about what the email is really all about so your ultimate readers are very targeted to the general idea or interest of your promotion.

This type of anticipation will dramatically BOOST your email marketing results.

Also, you should definitely plan for this to be a multiple day emailing and event so you can email several times.  You should be emailing at least once each day… or more… for your highly anticipated promotion.

For each of your emails, choose a specific benefit and emotion to really get everyone with something.  Hitting various and different triggers is key for capturing different people.

You can also use multiple emails to tap out particular customer emotions or to cover anticipated subscriber objections or concerns for NOT purchasing.  This is ESSENTIAL if you want to profit as much as possible.

Be sure – this is a MUST – to have an exact time for the promotion to end.  Something like:

Offer expires Wednesday Night at 10:00 pm EDT.

You snooze you lose!  If you’re late, it’s gone FOREVER!

Special discounts are great additions to really entice your buyers.  Things like an extra bonus or steep price cut really get people to order right away.

Tell them why!

You must give your customer a reason for the discount or bonus.  It must be true and believable.  Usually if it’s TRUE it’s believable.

But don’t use greed as a reason.  It might be true for you (hopefully you have other goals), but it won’t get you more sales.  Your offer must really be hard to refuse.

I hope that helps.  If you want more on email marketing, take a look below.  This very low cost email marketing coaching can be a big help to boost your results and profits.

See you soon…

– Wayne Sharer

P.S. This excellent email coaching course is now reduced in price for a savings of $30.  I can’t guarantee how long it will be reduced in price, so take a look now before you miss out.

Over the Top Email Marketing Coaching

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  1. Barret

    Mastering email marketing is truly so important. These tips are great, Wayne. Thanks for creating this.

    • Wayne Sharer

      Yes Barrett, you must put attention on your email and email marketing. You also must make it coherent with an overall marketing strategy. Do you have a marketing strategy?


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