Where’s My Traffic From Google?

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

July 22, 2010

What Traffic From Google?

Do you have lots of links to your site, lots of content, and all your SEO nuts and bolts inline yet you don’t see any traffic from Google?

Possibly you’ve been banned.

It happens to a lot of websites, even some of the best.  The real question is, can you get “un-banned” and start to get traffic from Google once again.

And a second question is, “Is it worth the effort?”

I’m betting most people don’t even know what effort is required because they don’t even know if they’ve been banned.  It’s one of those things Google, Yahoo and Bing all do…

They don’t tell you a thing.  In one day, and out another.  No reason provided, no communication.  No nothing.  You don’t even know you’re gone.

Then, one day, you look at your traffic stats, and it dawns on you the traffic from Google and other search engines is missing.  Now what do you do?

Here’s a great video about restart the traffic from Google, provided by WebProNews.  Watch this video interview below by Abby Johnson as see gets real answers from Michael Stebbins, founder of Market Motive

What to do if You’re Banned from Traffic from Google

So you can see, despite the “arrogance” of Google, they do actually have a tool to help you as a websmaster to monitor your site.  Set up your free account here to see if you have a chance for traffic from Google.  The free webmaster account is something I use to monitor my sites, and you should too.


Because it is the only place you can go to know if you have been banned by Google.  Want free traffic from Google?

Well, you have to know, first, if they want to give it.

Watch the video again if you missed anything.  You can get your search engine traffic back.  Decide if its worth the time and use the right tools.

Talk to you soon

– Wayne Sharer

Go here for more on how to recover Your Traffic From Google.

stay well

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