Work from Home – Safe or Not Safe?

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

June 16, 2010

Are you getting ahead of yourself?

Why should you care?  Because I’m betting one of your dreams is getting to the point where you can fire your boss and work completely from home.

Before You Quit Your Job

I know there are literally millions of people with that goal in mind.  However, before you do actually quit whatever job you may have, you must define when you really can do this safely.  You see, no matter what, your current job does bring you money, so you can’t just turn it off blindly.

You’re really amazing at what you do, and you will be really awesome at what you do online, so it’s very exciting for me to think of you as completely independent of your boss.

You’ll be working from home.  You get set your own hours.  You decide what you are going to do.  However, you gotta admit, this is something scary about breaking your attachment to your job.

Severe the Connection to Work from Home

When you severe the connection, you no longer have the guaranteed income or any guarantee you will be making a certain amount of money every pay day.  Especially since there’s the real possibility your business will not get going like you hoped.  That’s something to worry about.

It’s a strong fear, so you feel like you have to be completely and totally ready to leave your current job that is a proven money maker – even if it’s not really what you want.  And do you have a ‘safety net’?  You know, at least 6 months salary stashed away?

Are your debts paid down sufficiently?  If you have six months of cash, and no debt, you are pretty secure, with lots of time to fail and recover.

Can You Afford to Fail?

So, if you looked closely, you should be able to tell if you can afford to fail.  It’s good that you’re planning to fail, right?


Let’s think about that.  Is it really good to plan to fail?  In my military career in the Navy, I don’t ever remember planning to fail.  So I would have to vote that planning to fail is bad!  How about you?  What’s your vote?

If you say you’re ready to go at it alone – without your job – why would you say your ready if you only planned to fail?

Seems kinda nuts to me.  That’s why many people say the ‘safety net’ idea isn’t such a good one.  I understand that.  There weren’t any real safety nets when I went into combat, so we all simply planned to succeed.  So many say, build your net as you build your business.

I know I had to. There was no net, or anything to back me up.  I just went at it with my box, my suitcase, and my plan.

Why This Works

Why does this work?  Well possibly because if you go at it without a net, you know you can’t afford to fail, and your determination, and motivation are overpowering.

If you have the cushion, you really don’t feel the absolute need to get things going, and you are more likely to use the cushion you created.  To succeed right from the start, you have to have real motivation.

Naturally, you have to decide what’s right for you.  I’m only talking from a lifetime of life and death choices, and then starting a business from nothing.  Your perspective may be much different.

Do What Makes Sense

So, I can’t really tell you if you should or shouldn’t have a safety net.  I just know you really need to think about it.  Whichever way motivates you best, or makes more sense for you is the one that lets you fire your boss, and build the lifetime of dreams you desire.

Think about it…

– Wayne Sharer

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