The internet is full of free internet marketing tools. However, over my 10 years of marketing on the internet, I have found few of them to be of any significant benefit. This doesn’t mean no free internet marketing tools are valuable.

Over time, I’ve collected and saved in my bookmarks, an assortment of free marketing and productivity tools that I frequently go to for assisting my business. These have been valuable to me, and even Homer Simpson can use them.

Note that, since they are free, you may have to leave your email, or create a free account to use them. That’s just the way things work. Nonetheless, you will get value from them, I am certain.

Most of these, you won’t find in other published lists of free internet marketing tools because the creator typically creates the list to attract attention to their blog post from search engines. This list is here because these tools do help your marketing and will make a difference.

Another reason many just reiterate what everyone else says is they really don’t want you to know where their “secret” tools are found. Thus, none of the “standard” tools you find on every list are listed below. You probably already know about them. The free internet marketing tools listed here typically are more difficult to discover.

I suggest you book mark this page, and share it with others because it will ensure you have it for ready reference.  I am sure, like me, you don’t have time to click through all 39 links in one setting.

So here you go; 39 Free Internet Marketing Tools any Internet marketer will find useful…

Copywriting Tools and Resources

1. Free Excellent Swipe Material

2. CopyHackers

3. 91 Headline Formulas

4. “Trial Close” Questions

5. Blog Topic Generator

6. Content Idea Generator

7. Blog title Generator

Staying Up-Date-In Marketing

8. Business Owner’s Strategic Marketing Daily

9. Keep Track of Your Favorite Content

SEO Tools and Resources

10. Competitor Analysis and Content (this free trial gives the full tool, but the keyword tool is always free, so worth the download. Over the years, it has proven to be the best keyword tool of the many I have used).

11. Competitive Website Data

12. Keyword Niche Finder

13. Website Statistics – StatCounter

14. Collection of SEO Tools

15. On Page Optimization Tool

16. Header Checker & Analyzer

17. Generate Local Adwords & Keyword Lists

18. Google Mobile Friendly Tester

19. Robots.txt File Generator

20. Website Speed Tests

21. Online Reputation and Review Analyzer

Make your Website Faster

22. Cloudflare

23. Backlink Analysis

Free Images (Legally)

Be sure you read the rights on each. They may vary

24. PhotoPin

25. Kaboom Pics

26. UnSplash

27. Pixabay

28. WikiMedia

29. Public Domain Images

30. Photoshop Action Tool for 3D Images and Covers

Miscellaneous Free Tools

31. WordPress Theme Creator

32. Mobile Phone Emulators

33. Readability checker

34. Color Wheel and design

35. Create Skype Buttons

36. Recording Voice/Audio


37. SPF Wizard for Webmasters

38. Is Your Website Really Down?

40. Domain ReSearch Tool

The above list is just what I use. I am sure you likely found others that most don’t tell you about.

Please share your little known, but truly useful free internet marketing tools and productivity tools in the comments.


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photo credit: DIE Conference: Thomas Tufte via photopin (license)