How to Create an Online Marketing System that Sells

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

January 8, 2016

Wayne Sharer has coached and consulted thousands to massive success over that past 35 years including resent top marketing clients making millions from his advice. Here you’ll find some very plain talk about a simple method of how to create an Online Marketing System that Sells that often sounds very complicated.

  1. You Must Have an Online Marketing strategy. I have learned through the years, that the effect of having a proven strategy to start is what makes everything easy for success. This includes marketing online and advertising online. There is no truly successful system that started without a strategy. Since you want to know how to create an online marketing system that sells, you must first have an online marketing strategy proven to generate high volumes of sales.The effectiveness of your online marketing system depends more on your strategy decision than any other.

    What online marketing strategy should you choose as a new or small business offering quality products and/or services?

    Should you copy a massive copy that is doing branding on a large budget or should you model a company doing massive direct sales? As a small business, it’s unlikely you will have the budget for branding like, for example, Coca-Cola. The obvious choice is to choose a proven strategy for direct sales. The model or strategy must be decided before you ever develop your specific system.

  2. Modeling a Proven Winner. The second most import decision is the actual model you choose for your online marketing system. A model is just like it sounds, a model. You cannot steal exact words, copy, web pages, etc. You can implement the same processes, styles, and copy language.Therefore, it is vital you work from a proven model. Online there are numerous large, direct sales businesses you can and should model. Some places to consider include:
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • L.L. Bean
  • J.C. Penny
  • Overstock

We know these companies pull in huge amounts of sales through direct marketing online so we can safely infer they also have a proven online marketing system we should model.

Most new or small businesses starting without such a model are doomed to fail. It doesn’t matter if you are a local retail or service business, affiliate marketer, multilevel marketer, online auction seller, drop shipper, or what you do. You likely can’t afford the millions already spent by the big companies for testing and proving their system, so simply model what works.

  1. Choosing the Elements of Your Online Marketing System. So you found the people in your market generating the most leads and sales online. Now you want to model them. This requires you actually know their sales flow from start to finish so you can understand what it is they offer when a person says yes and when they say no.How do you know all of this? Buy something from them. At each step of the sales system, copy the web page or take a screen shot of it. I use Snagit from Techsmith to do this because Snagit takes scrolling screen shots of entire web pages.

    You can also use Firefox web browser and right click on the web page, then select “Save Page As” and this will save the page to your computer for later modelling.

    First, see what happens when you opt in and become a lead and say no. Then start over with another email, and see what process you follow when you say yes. This is not complicated, and you can do this.

    Once you followed the process of your potential model, and saved each and every web page – look closely at each step to see what type of offer was made. Was it free, was it low cost, was it higher priced, did it have a membership or recurring payment, do they have a follow up process? Save any emails you receive as follow-up to both the no and the yes processes.

  2. Create the Automation for Your System. The whole point of an online marketing system is for it to ultimately be as automated as possible. This sounds scary to most, because most small business owners are not web technology experts or even of intermediate skills related to making online sales pages that work.

    At my company, ThinkBigandGrow Media, we offer expert online marketing consulting to get all of this done for you so you don’t get stuck at this technical step. Our work saves you time and money because you don’t have hire anyone full time, and you don’t have to suffer the costs of trial and error creating websites, web pages, and fully functional sales pages.

    This step is what stops most new online businesses and small business owners from ever moving ahead.

What’s Best if I Can’t Afford an Expert Online Marketing Consultant

    1. Having the Most Functional Tools. Since you’ve been investigating getting your sales process online for likely some time, you have already seen the overwhelming number of promises to start making you sales or money fast. Most are offered by people who have had short time success and no experience teaching you anything. The good news is, you can ignore all of that.

      You only need a few key items in the technology world. These include:

        1. A web host – we use GVO Hosting
        2. Web pages
        3. Automated email – autoresponder. The best free starter services we found and use are Hubspot and Mailchimp (not for affiliate marketers).
        4. Shopping Cart software that delivers products and sales invoices and automated follow-up (for our sales system, we use a resource called Clickfunnels because it can build any kind of web page (including member sites) without having to know any web coding. Also because it includes the shopping cart interface and integration with your email automation, as well as much more. For full details visit Clickfunnels here.)

      What Online Newbies Who Never Owned a Business Should Do

      1. Get a Good Business Coach. Even a small business owner already in business should have a good coach, particularly if they don’t have an expert marketing consultant. However, the online newbie’s second biggest reason for failure is the lack of a coach.

        The fact is, most coaching programs the entrepreneur wanting to get started in business from home gets offered are by people with no experience coaching. If you want to succeed you need leadership and experience not a fly by night “success” that has never lead or run any organization and/or has never taught or coached anyone or anything.

        A solid leader and coach will not paint rosy pictures when there isn’t one, and won’t let you stay trapped in a box where you feel like you can’t escape. A real coach has years of experience and knows how to hold you accountable for action as well as how to instruct when necessary. I personally have been a leader, coach and instructor for over 35 years and have run organizations as large as 5,000 people in high pressure environments that most can’t imagine. You can check out my coaching information here.

      What a New Affiliate Marketer or Multilevel Marketer Should Do

      1. Everything above. Most new or flailing affiliate marketers and online multilevel marketers fail to realize they need to do the exact same things already listed to uncover how to create an online marketing system that sells. The only difference for these folks is they are selling a product made by some other business and doing it for a commission.

        The top affiliates and MLM marketers all have a marketing system based on the same model retail, services, information business, coaching business, online auctions, drop shippers… quite literally anyone online should be using.

      What Mindset Makes a Difference

      1. A Winner Mindset. Many fall into the trap of believing your mindset doesn’t really matter all that much. As an experienced coach, I won’t coach anyone who thinks like this because they will quit before they ever take any real action for success.

        A winner mindset is one that will do whatever is morally, ethically, and legally necessary to achieve what they set out to achieve. You must want what you seek more than you want to breathe. A coach can inspire you, but motivation is something that comes from your desire, not from your coach.

        Why this is true is because your coach cannot be with you to pick up and push you along every day. You coach can add to your motivation with inspiration as well as with honest, nothing held back guidance. Without a winner mindset, your coach cannot make you a success. What you doing must truly be your dream you seek and you will not quit until you get it.

      2. Be Eager to Invest in Your Success. The true businessman or entrepreneur is willing to invest in success. This means you don’t approach online marketing like something to be done in your spare time. You also don’t think succeeding with an online marketing system is free. Like me, if you are at this point, you already know success requires investment.

        At my company, ThinkBigandGrow Media, we have found (and not surprisingly so) that those who have invested in an expert coach and/or consultant and implement a marketing system based on a proven strategy or model will be the high percentage winners – no question.The real question is always: How much will you spend at failing before you apply what you’ve discovered here?

      Is This All There is to Creating an Online Marketing System that Sells?

      Naturally, I can’t put everything here. Nonetheless, what you have bookmarked above is what it takes for any small retail or service business, information marketer, affiliate marketer, multilevel marketer, online auction business, drop shipper or any other online marketing effort to succeed.

      I have developed a separate, free online web class with the specialized details of creating the elements of your online marketing system. This model will help you determine exactly how to develop a proven online marketing system and know exactly what you should place in your system.

      This is your special invitation to get this complete, 5=Box System, for now, at no cost. Just click to reserve your time and date. Register now so you don’t miss it while it’s free.

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