Many of you seek to know how to target small business owners using Facebook ads.  But like me, you maybe don’t know where to start to do this correctly.  It took me a long time to figure out how to do this the right way.  So allow me to save you a lot of time, money, and frustration.

Many Facebook ad training courses exist, but in the end, they don’t answer the question, “How do I target small business owners with Facebook ads.”

With these two videos below, you can trash all the FB ad courses you have, and apply these specific techniques right now, and your problem of targeting the right small business owners is solved.

Start with the first video because it is the simplest to understand and it just plain works.  You will immediately know how to target small business owners using Facebook ads, and then quickly gain an understanding of how to do it even better.

Video 1:  How to Target Business Owners with Facebook Ads

This video is dead simple, and works perfect.  It’s only 2 minutes 15 seconds long, and you will know exactly how to target small business owners when it’s done.

Video 2:  How to Target Business Owners on Facebook

This video has much the same info but expands a bit on ways to achieve the same results.  It further refines your ability to target small business owner more accurately using Facebook ads.  There is also a question and answer session following the 15 minutes of detailed training.  The Q and A will likely be very helpful to many.

What to do Next…

After viewing either of the videos, you really are ready to start targeting small business owner using Facebook ads.

Either method is dead on.  If you have never done this, then simply use video one first.  Budget just $20 per day, and run your ad for one day.

If you need to know a little more about creating the actual Facebook ad, then video 2 will be all you need.

The Key to Success with Your Facebook Ads

Ultimately three factors will determine your success

  1. Your offer has to be wanted by your audience
  2. Your ad must be congruent with your landing page
  3. Your audience must be targeted correctly

Don’t go big with your ad spend until you start seeing success with your smaller spends.

Don’t expect your first ad with any offer to be your best.  Test and test.

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts and how these videos helped you.  Be sure to share this post with your friends and others needing this kind of help.