The Secret of Creating Customers with the RepFluence Marketing Method

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

June 14, 2017

Are you a business owner or CEO?  Then you know capitalizing any advantage in your market can mean big increases in earnings.

Sometimes it comes with a huge ROI, and sometimes the ROI isn’t as great, but the earnings are great, so it still makes the effort highly valuable.  I’m sure if you took a moment, you can quickly think of examples of each.

The RepFluence Marketing Method is something I created for business owners and CEOs to literally transform a marketing effort of reasonable ROI into one of huge ROI.

What is the RepFluence Marketing Method?

My upcoming book is called “RepFluence Marketing: The Ultimate Small Business Owner’s Market Domination Guide Leveraging Your Online Reputation for Clients and Sales.”  It lays out exactly what RepFluence Marketing is and how it is implemented.

To keep it simple, the RepFluence Marketing definition is:

Using the power of your online reputation to influence your market online in a manner that drive sales to your door instead of your competitors.

As a retired U.S. Navy officer and veteran of over 250 combat missions, I seek total success in anything I do.  The secret to success is having a strategy uninhibited by artificial restraints, and not blinded by incorrect beliefs or perceptions.  It must also be morally and ethically correct.

In combat, this meant total destruction of your targets and enemies.  In business, this means total market dominance.  Competition is great, but it is best when the competitors chase you and not the other way around.

The RepFluence Marketing Method is the strategy using RepFluence Marketing in an uninhibited way.  It’s based on facts and real actions in the marketplace enabling business owners and CEOs to morally and ethically be the total market dominator in your niche market.  It’s designed to systematically move any business from one of the pack to total market dominance.  This is done without getting bogged down in technology overwhelm or having to hire a whole team of people to make it happen.

What Makes RepFluence Marketing Better than Other Reputation Marketing?

The RepFluence Marketing Method was built because reputation marketing is powerful and works.  However, the marketing world is not delivering reputation marketing in a strategic method.

In fact, virtually everyone offering reputation marketing does so as a matter of marketing product fulfillment and not as part of a strategy.  This results in gains in earnings for most companies using reputation marketing, but not the huge ROI it should create.

Think about it.  How many people or companies calling themselves marketing companies or consultants have contacted you and then ultimately just delivered a product.  Something like a software platform, a video or video series, SEO optimization, or social media makeover?  Did they have a strategy to show you or did they just deliver you the product and then offer you another?

This type of marketing service is not consulting as they claim.  It is simply fulfillment marketing.  They want you in their pipeline simply to offer you more fulfilment without any clear strategy.

This type fulfillment marketing creates some valuable success for some, but leaves gaping holes in what can really be achieved by having a true marketing strategy and pathway to follow.  The strategy will include tactics supported by fulfillment.

So, I’m not saying you don’t need marketing fulfillment.  Of course, you do.  Nevertheless, your ability to gain maximum ROI comes from having a strategy and tactics to employ the fulfillment most effectively.

F-14A F-14A Carrying Phoenix Missiles

A Fighter Squadron 211 (VF-211) F-14A Tomcat aircraft in a turn during a flight out of Naval Air Station, Miramar, Calif. The Tomcat is carrying six AIM-54 Phoenix missiles.

Think of it this way for a moment please. 

In the 1960’s the U.S. Navy decided it needed a carrier-based fighter to engage multiple targets at long range to counter the growing threat of Soviet long-range bombers.  They knew what they wanted to counter and what it needed to do.  However, the strategy was vague.   Nonetheless, the F-14A Tomcat was born after failure of the F-111B program.

Grumman delivered what the Navy ordered, but it did not take long to realize much more effective strategies could be developed using the F-14 in combination with E-2C Hawkeyes, A-6 Intruders, A-7 Corsairs, and EA-6 Prowlers.

Creating a complete pathway and strategy to fully dominate the air from carriers ultimately led to a massive boost in combat effectiveness (read as return on investment) of the Tomcat.  Without the strategy, the Tomcat would have been good (valuable), but never would have been awesome (massive ROI).

That’s the secret of the RepFluence Marketing Method.  Reputation marketing is good, but it’s currently used with weak or vague strategies or no strategy at all.  The RepFluence Marketing Method, gives reputation marketing a clear and powerful pathway and strategy employing tactics to guarantee market dominance for those deploying it.

What is Victory in RepFluence Marketing?

Regardless of what you believe about internet and marketing your business online, digital marketing is mandatory for you to dominate.  If you don’t use a digital marketing strategy, then your business is ignoring what consumers in both business to consumer and business to business markets want.  Honestly, that is crazy and pretty much the same as giving money to your competitors.

Having a true reputation marketing strategy is a vital sub-strategy of a bigger digital marketing strategy and should come first.

In August 2016, Forbes Magazine said that reputation management reinforced negative habits inciting fear in brands.  While this could help control bad reviews getting posted, it mostly led to ways to try to trick review directories and search engines.  Forbes further stated the shift from reputation management to reputation marketing enables you to focus on what brings the highest impact to win the future.

Further credible surveys showed this correct as countless consumer input shows:

  • 97% of consumers aged 18-34 read online reviews for local businesses
  • 91% of consumers aged 35-54 read online reviews for local businesses
  • 86% of consumers aged 55+ read online reviews for local businesses

So, what this means in simple terms is if you don’t do any reputation marketing, you’re ignoring what somewhere between 86% to 97% of consumers want.  They want to know your reputation first.

Many companies of all types get clobbered online simply because they have no reputation to be found, or it is so aged that the reviews are irrelevant.  With RepFluence Marketing, it truly is so easy to fix this while giving consumers what they want.

The victory of the RepFluence Marketing Method is it delivers:

  • A clear and simple pathway/strategy to market dominance using your reputation
  • The tools enabling any business to build, manage and market a true, 5-star reputation
  • No requirement to learn a bunch of techno-babble you don’t want to know
  • No need to plow through hours of how to videos or training, because it can all be done for you
  • Eliminates costly consulting and expensive digital solutions
  • A way to massively boost ROI without hiring a marketing team or costing you hours of time you don’t have
  • The simplest way ever to make your competitors chase you
  • The solution to getting 73% more business from online than you ever did before

The RepFluence Marketing Method is real and powerful.  If you would like more details on the strategy, click or tap here for the RepFluence Marketing Method.

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