Why I Wouldn’t Buy Clickbank Predators

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

July 24, 2010

Clickbank Predators Review, Another Loser…

So, actually it’s too late for me, I already purchased Clickbank Predators.  It’s how I know I wouldn’t buy it!

Clickbank Predators (or also called CB Predators) is a great idea gone sour.

The program was introduced in April 2010 by Chris Fox, and Jerome Chapman, as it states on its sales letter.  There is a third marketer involved named Mike Merz (he is listed in the Clickbank marketplace for the product).  I had no previous experience with these marketers, so I went in blind.

Please note — this review relates ONLY my personal experience.  I have not interviewed anyone or asked anyone else for their experience.  I you had a different experience, please share it here.

What is Clickbank Predators?

Simply put, it is a template driven guide for creating review blogs on products being sold using Clickbank® payment processing and affiliate management.  It automates certain functions, and gives you access to a very good WordPress template.

After following the templates, your blogs are created instantly for you.  You still have to go in and customize it’s look and feel.  However the theme chosen is very user friendly for doing this work.

Part of the package included adding new templates each month, and – since I took the up sell for the “Platinum” upgrade, I was supposed to have extra templates, and more content provided.

The site also includes 4 training videos to assist you.  There is also a support desk.  So that’s the nuts and bolts of Clickbank Predators.

My Experience with CB Predators

I purchased it on April 20, 2010 and immediately began setting up some blogs using the software.  It had some problems which did get fixed.  Ultimately, I made 4 blogs with the software.

Then the wait began.  What was I waiting for?

Platinum content.  It never came.  Here’s a screen shot of the Platinum content area today – July 24, 2010:

clickbank predators platinum

So, to this day, I’m still wondering where the upgrade is.

As for adding new templates monthly to CB Predators  — hasn’t happened, yet there is no hesitation to take the monthly membership fee and not deliver anything.  The same templates are still there.  A couple of new ones added in the first 30 days, then nothing!

*** Again, this is my experience ONLY *** Let me know yours in the comments ***

Clickbank Predator Support

Initially I had two tickets which eventually got answered.  The third one was closed without a reply.  As you can see below, I still have 2 tickets open with no response.  They ask essentially, where’s the content and templates I paid for.
clickbank predators help screen

My tickets are polite, here’s what I wrote:


clickbank predators ticket

clickbank predators ticket

You see, I don’t think anything else has to be said.  This product once had very high gravity rating in Clickbank.  Today as I write this review, it has plummeted to 27.16.  I think I know why.  I’m glad I never promoted this product.  I was suspicious right from the start when it took so long to get responses.

I Sum Up this Clickbank Predators Review Anyhow…

Cb Predators could have been very good, but they blew it big time.  First, the support was shaky, at best.  Then the Clickbank Predators seemed to forget they even existed.

There are no monthly updates, and no content, whatsoever, for the “Platinum” upgrade.  From my personal opinion only, I once again, threw good money at the wind.

My recommendation – Don’t touch Clickbank Predators.

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