It’s no secret I’m a big fan of backing up everything, and today more than ever you and anyone with a computer should be backing up your precious data with a service like Got Backup.

If you’re like most people, you probably have looked at numerous offers to back up your data offsite and made all the typical rationalizations why you don’t need to. In a previous article I showed you why offsite data backup is really a MUST. So we won’t review that here.

GotBackup is the latest and newest cloud-based data protection and cloud backup service. Its main advantages are:

  1. Unlimited Data Backup. No restrictions
  2. It is dead stupid simple
  3. It is truly top level secure
  4. It’s partner plan or reseller plan is the highest paying contrasted with any similar service

This post will focus on a complete Got Backup review of the reseller opportunity.

What is the Got Backup Opportunity?

In today’s competitive marketplace, when looking for a network marketing business opportunity, it’s critical the product you choose is:

  1. Competitively price
  2. Has a unique selling position
  3. Is in high demand by the consumer marketplace
  4. Is relatively easy to sell
  5. Has a large and growing market
  6. Has a payment plan that really can be “residual”

Let’s look at the Got Backup cloud backup service with regard to each of the characteristics above.

Is Got Backup competitively priced?

There is no doubt it is affordable to virtually anyone who owns a computer. The lowest level plan is the “Personal Backup” plan which is as low as $95.88 per year.

Compared to Carbonite it is definitely competitively priced. The comparable plan at Carbonite is not their “Basic Plan.” In fact, the comparable plan is actually the “Plus” plan which Carbonite charges $99.99 per year at the time of the writing of this article.

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What is the Unique Selling Position?

Most important is that all plans are unlimited, though that isn’t totally unique, but certainly not standard in the current market. Having been a Carbonite customer and now a Got Backup customer, I do find that the Got Backup is much simpler than Carbonite, and less full of techno babble that no one except binary heads understand.

What about Got Backup Security?

There isn’t really a unique security option. The main concern is it the highest level available commercially because you will be backing up your most precious items in a distributed “cloud.”

So yes, Got Backup is as secure as it can possibly be. It uses the same military grade security encryption of your data as financial institutions like banks, and money exchanges. It’s called AES-256 encryption.

How Easy is Got Backup to Sell?

If you have any experience selling, you would agree that selling Got Backup is a salesman’s dream because if you are reading this, then likely everyone you know has a computer and is storing important documents, photos, and other vital information. Statistics show that nearly 70% of them are not backing up this data.

Remember the classic MLM model, which I typically tell you not to do… where you ask your family in friends to become your customers?

Well, this is one product you can offer them to be your customer and they actually won’t get mad at you because it is low cost, simple, and necessary.

How Large is the Market for Cloud-based Data Backup?

Now first let’s be real. On a global perspective, approximately 3 billion people can access the internet from home.

This does not make them all your perspective customer, but it does represent about 40% of the world. But even if only 10% of these people can afford a low price protection like Got Backup cloud-based data backup, that means you have 300 million potential customers. In reality, it is more like 25% or more of these users can afford the product, and should be using it.

That is a potential customer base of 750 million, and the market continues to grow.

This article shows you the statistics of how many of these people actually fail to do backup.

What About the Got Backup Payment Plan?

Well, you may be thinking the price point is low so how do I make any money?

First, compared to others, the most you can make as a reseller or partner is about 25%. Most are 10 to 15%. Now that is low.

GotBackup is opening with 100% commissions.

It is 100% on the initial sale for unlimited width. Then you get 50% on the recurring months, plus 50% of any sales resellers under you make, for unlimited depth.

Most important here is, this opportunity IS NOT DEPENDANT on you endlessly recruiting new sales team members. In fact, you should be focused on product sales, and finding 3 or 4 good people who can also make product sales. This enables you to create a very strong passive and active income without constantly having to recruit.

The income opportunity is excellent, and in some countries would be considered out of this world.

Bottom Line on Got Backup as an Income Opportunity

If you want affiliate marketing or MLM, there is no easier place to start because the product has high world demand, and can be sold simply by engaging a friend or acquaintance in conversation.

Because of its payment structure, you can easily create a dream lifestyle income from home or, if you are a business, add this to your product offerings at your store and create a powerful new product line that pays you more than anything you currently offer (in most cases).

If you are just getting started as a home business owner, or you would like a new income stream that will grow, you owe it to yourself to check out the Got Backup business opportunity.

You can see the full details here.