Click Funnels by Russell Brunson, is the latest in high powered tools to enable the most novice marketer to create highly professional, and high converting sales funnels.

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Click Funnels
Sales Funnel Creator Tool
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Product Summary

This image is temporarily unavailable Click Funnels is a new, point and click sales funnel creation tool by Russell Brunson and Etison LLC.  It is designed to make it possible for even the most novice marketer to have the ability to create highly professional optin, sales, webinar, and other funnels using a point and click interface.

Overall, this is an excellent product. It does exactly what it’s advertised to do. Though the sales video suggests making complete funnels in something like 10 minutes, you must realize these sales example is assuming you have all the data for your funnel at hand.

Click Funnels Review

Overall, this is an excellent product.  It does exactly what it’s advertised to do.  Though the sales video suggests making complete funnels in something like 10 minutes, you must realize these sales examples assume you have all the data for your funnel at hand.

It will take you longer to make your funnels,  but every time gets faster, and there are no web skills needed beyond bare essentials you can learn in hundreds of Youtube videos.  Every essential element of solid marketing is built in including: 100s of pre-temlated pages, opt in funnels, sales funnels, podcasts, shopping carts, email marketing/autoresponder integration, split testing, customizing options, much, much more.  Russell Brunson and his Etison team have clearly put a lot of effort into creating a superb marketing tool.

Click Funnels levels the playing field for anyone marketing online in any niche market.

Good Points
  • Excellent for local marketing, selling services, multi-level marketing, affiliate marketing, selling high end products and services, webinar sales, listbuilding, etc.
  • Easy to use, and easy to learn
  • New templates being added
  • Support and development team very responsive
  • Works with any autoresponder with html code options available
  • Built in shopping carts
  • Built in email templates
  • Built in email marketing
  • Easily assigned to your own domain names or sub domains
  • Simple to use drag and drop interface
  • No code or html skills needed to use the Click Funnels tools.
Bad Points

The one thing that may not be clear is this is not a training course.  It’s not really bad that it is not, it is only bad if you think it is when you buy it. 

The new or extremely novice marketer may be tempted to make themselves believe this is a tool and marketing training course.   Click Funnels is a tool to build high converting, simple and advanced sales funnels.

If you don’t know anything about marketing yet, don’t expect Click Funnels to teach you.  The tool does what it should do: teaches you how to use the tool.


If you are a marketer who seriously understands the profit in business is in the back end sales, then Click Funnels is the sales tool for you.  Those that still think they can get rich on the web with only a front end squeeze page are not ready for this, but you too will be back when reality sets in.

Whether you build your sales funnels yourself or you have a webmaster do it for you, this a great choice.  Your webmaster will love you for making the funnels easy while he or she can focus on other aspects of your website.

If you know importance of high converting funnels and don’t know how to make web pages, you just found the ultimate solution.  Get Click Funnels today.