How to Increase Your Sales Conversions in the Next 2 Minutes

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

January 14, 2014

Do you own you a website?

Do you sell things from your website?

Did you know one of the biggest conversion factors you can use is scarcity?

countdown monkey

So Simple the Countdown Monkey Can Do It.

Involving scarcity (real scarcity) into your sales process changes everything for you and the buyer.  You literally separate the buyers from the visitors, particularly when you can make the scarcity visual.

Without scarcity, your visitors think they can come back any time.  This means most of your visitors will never be back unless they receive another advertisement from you in one form or another.

Why Scarcity Creates the Ultimatum on the Spot

Typical web visitors do not bookmark your site, or even share with anyone if they took no action on your web page.  They simply never come back, regardless of there instantaneous belief they might or would.

Scarcity creates an ultimatum on the spot.  Take action now, or loose the chance.  The technique of providing visual scarcity forces a decision on the spot.

The result is higher sales, more customers, more profits, your business grows, and everyone is happy because they got what they want or need.

The Most Powerful Scarcity is…

The most powerful scarcity is the fear of limited quantities or limited time to get what the buyer wants.  You’ve seen it in the US when people storm the doors of the local Walmart, believing they will run out.  Sometimes the results have been tragic.

You aren’t trying to create mishaps, just increase sales.

Warning: For digital products, those of you who think people believe you have limited quantities of electronic downloads, think again.  People are not that stupid.

The most powerful scarcity for digital downloads is to make limited time, discounted offers.  Doing them in the text or a video helps.  But one thing works way more than anything else you can try.

Putting a visual countdown timer on your site will boost your sales more than any other single scarcity tactic.  But the scarcity factor should be real, or your customers will not believe you the next time.

The Scarcity Solution

Today, and for a very short time, the single best countdown timer I have used is being made available to the public for next to nothing.

I personally have purchased a number of these different countdown softwares in the form of a WordPress plugin.  They all had similar faults…

  • They slowed down my website dramatically
  • Many conflicted with other plug ins
  • They conflicted with my themes (and I use themes from fairly large, and skilled theme developers)
  • Ultimately, they were very limited in their flexibility

This all changed today…

The Countdown Monkey

Other than having a stupid name, Countdown Monkey eliminates all these problems.

It is not a plug in, so it does not slow down your website, or conflict with anything I have found so far.

Even though it isn’t a plugin, it works on WordPress sites perfectly.

Countdown Monkey includes a small plug in that does not use any load time because its only purpose is to allow you to use the short code.  However, if you even slightly more than a beginner with WordPress, you don’t actually need the plugin for Countdown Monkey to work.

So, yes, it does work on any kind of website.  Any kind!

CountDown Monkey Intro Offer

The intro offer is very short, so act fast, and get it today so you can take advantage of the most powerful scarcity element in online marketing today.  You can have a page set up in 2 minutes or less… no kidding.  It is that easy.

Countdown Monkey is perfect for…

  • Multilevel Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Local Business Selling Online
  • Selling your own digital products
  • Selling your own services

The bottom line is all business of any kind doing sales online should be leveraging Countdown Monkey because you will increase….

  • Your sales
  • The number of customers
  • The size of your list
  • Profits
  • Your happiness
  • Your peace of mind

Check it out now, if the timer hasn’t reached zero, the limited time, intro offer is still in effect (85% discount).

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