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by Wayne Sharer

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December 11, 2013

Easy Lead Network Product Review
Product Details
Product Name: Easy Lead Network
Product Type: Leveraged Affiliate Marketing Cooperative Lead & Training
Price at Review: FREE
Best Price: Link to Website
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Product Summary

This image is temporarily unavailable Are you starting an online business in multilevel marketing or affiliate marketing and having problems getting leads, converting sales, and building your downline?  Is all the training and products you need overwhelming you and costing you an arm and a leg.  Do you feel less secure today than you did when you started building your home business? 

The Easy Lead Network is a team training, cooperative lead generating, and lead management site for 4 leveraged affiliate marketing products.  The site allows resellers of any one of the four leveraged affiliate marketing opportunities to easily build a downline, attract highly qualified leads, get leads for free simply by using any of the 10 or more built in front end funnels, and have all the training they will ever need to start their business from nothing, and grow it to whatever level they desire.


Leveraged affiliate marketing is growing in popularity because it blends the best of multilevel marketing with classic affiliate marketing (like Clickbank products, CPA, Amazon, etc).  Then these type products deliver 100% commissions either directly or through downline sales, or other methods.  The bottom line is, leveraged affiliate marketing delivers extremely high commissions selling wildly popular products or services, thus making it much easier for affiliates to succeed.

The Easy Lead Network is designed to train and support the entire customer acquisition, and team member training for any one these four products:

  • 7 Minute Workout
  • Pure Leverage
  • Power Lead System Funnel
  • Empower Network

Unlike other lead generating sites for the same or similar products, Easy Lead Network allows the team member to have full control over their leads.  Leads are not shared between the site owner and the team member bringing the leads.  If you are a team member, your lead is your lead, and belongs only to you. 

The site, through the activity of the team members, also distributes leads that arrive without affiliate help (via search, social sharing, or directly) among the active members.  Essentially, all a team member has to do to get more leads for free is run their promotions using the front end lead funnels provided with the site.  At the time of this writing, there are 12, and likely will be more soon. 

This team site has a lead management panel allowing team members to manage, contact, and track their contact directly from the panel.  No other lead generating site, at the time of this review (in the leveraged affiliate marketing space) can do all of this. 

Additionally, it is the perfect site for new affiliate marketers because, as the site advertises, there is so much training from beginning to advanced, you will never need to buy other training.  It is all there.  Plus, the 5-Step Downline building system is so simple, there is only one way to mess it up – not do it.  It works, and anyone can teach to their downline.  The Easy Lead Network truly does give the team member piece of mind in more ways than one. 

Oh, and did I forget to tell you it is free.  The claim is it delivers over $7,500 of real value.  Since most places that make front end funnels for clients charge $500 or more for a single squeeze page, the number of professional squeeze pages exceeds this value.  Then you add in the free leads, the training (I would estimate the training value to be over $3,000), the site definitely undersells itself. 

This is a powerful site, that is free to its team members, and any sane person would charge $97 a month or more for it’s use.  This is unbelievable that it is free.

Good Points

The Easy Lead Network cooperative lead generating and leveraged affiliate marketing team building site has a pretty long list of good points, so I’ll list the biggest here:

  • Free leads through cooperative lead generation
  • Extremely simple 5-Step Downline building system (you really should have your first sale in 30 days or less if you just do it)
  • The training is excellent (you really won’t ever need any other training)
  • The front funnels are excellent and FULLY qualify your leads (ie, they convert at amazing rates)
  • You can completely manage lead follow up all in one place
  • You can easily add another opportunity whenever the time is right for you

The bottom line is, if you are just starting and you simply become a reseller of one of the 4 industry leading products, then Easy Lead Network is the team site you should be a member of.

Bad Points

The one bad point has to do with the shear volume of information available.  It is good you will never have to get any training again, but there is so much training, if you are the type of person who has uncontrollable urges to jump around training, and make training your excuse for not taking action, then Easy Lead Network makes that possible for you.  You really must exercise control when you start, and stay with the 5-Step Quick Start.  Only people with some experience should move ahead.  Just stick with the 5-Step Downline system and (I forgot to mention this before) the 30-Day blueprint, and there is nothing stopping you from having your first sale or two in the first 30 days.


I highly recommend the Easy Lead Network cooperative lead generating and team site for anyone wanting to be a reseller for 7 Minute Workout, Pure Leverage, Power Lead System Funnel, or Empower Network.  This is the best site of any kind for these resellers and definitely is the right place for both the complete newbie and someone with experience.   The site even allows you to build and manage your own team, so you don’t need to build your own site.

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