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About Wayne Sharer

Wayne Sharer lives in Washington, DC & China with his wife Ella Zhang. Amazon Best-Selling Author, Strategic Marketing Expert, and retired Navy Commanding Officer, and has an extensive background in Digital Marketing, and Leaderships. His signature digital marketing strategy is the RepFluence Marketing Method.

With an in-depth understanding of online and reputation marketing, Wayne is the co-founder of ThinkBigandGrow Media which specializes in consulting with companies to create online marketing strategies that build 5 Star Reputations as well as help those companies leverage thier online maket distinction to convert more customers.

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Dear Event Coordinator,

As if it were yesterday, I distinctly remember many of the powerful speakers and trainers that have impacted my Navy Career and business over the years. Their messages became the inspiration and direction that I needed to successfully grow my business and give back to my community.

I am committed to helping your members create new insights into growing their organization. As one of your speakers, my goal is to educate and inspire every single one of your attendees into making new innovations in their business.

Another goal I have as your speaker is to make you look good! My role is to support your organization’s vision as well as bring them an educational platform that reflects your mission.

I GUARANTEE you will be happy with the results and I strive to make your program the BEST! I look forward to working with you!

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This strategic and motivating talk was developed recently to address what Forbes considers The Shift from Management to Marketing: Focus on the Highest Impact.” In this powerful, thought-provoking keynote speech, Wayne helps professionals and organizations decode the secret of “Reputation Marketing” and gives them a simple step-by-step strategy called the RepFluence Marketing method building a 5-Star reputation and how to use it to get more customers. Wayne shares his NEW “Reputation Marketing” Strategies that leverage the power of local directory sites like Yelp, Google+ and others to be the building blocks for new customers and marketplace leadership.

This leading-edging and encouraging talk helps business owners understand how to specifically target their market and how to build a powerful system for finding their customers online, and creating referral quality leads, and then simply converting those leads into paying customers. Wayne gives practical and tactical advice on each one of these specific strategies to ensure they all work together in finding you more customers and dominating the market.

With new technologies emerging, businesses are finding it harder and more expensive to use the internet to market, communicate, and effectively brand their organization. In this talk, Wayne lays out his “Forwarding Thinking” reputation marketing strategies that any organization or professional can use to position themselves as the expert, instantly engage the marketplace, create top of mind brand recognition to sell more products and services.


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