Wayne Sharer’s Freelance SEO Copywriting Services

How SEO Copywriting Finds the 1 Gap in Your Marketing and Uses It and the Web to Make You a Market Leader

Thanks for your interest in my freelance SEO copywriting services and my website copywriting services.

I’m quite sure you didn’t just randomly end up here. You likely already have some idea of what professional copywriting services can do for you and your business.

It’s more likely you have a curiosity about what I can do as a freelance copywriter for you. How my copywriting can change frustrations from underperforming websites to a feeling of joy from a website that excites your web visitors into action with you – and get the search engines to help you do that.

What a SEO Copywriter Must Do for You

A solid, well-trained, direct response copywriter is a person who will combine writing skill with sales knowledge to get results.  Quite literally make what may seem to be a common product or service become the solution your clients or customers won’t do without.

A provider of SEO copywriting services like myself, combines the skills of the direct response copywriter with the skills and knowledge of professional search engine optimization.

This ensures your web copy gets found by the right possible clients or customers and gets respected by search engines like Google and Bing.

So you understand this upfront, my promise to you is to identify gaps in your marketing.  Then to create the solution to turn those gaps into customers and profits, and do it so search engines love it, too.

I do this for you with expert SEO copywriting services.

What Effect Great Website Copywriting Services Can Have

I’ll transform website copy like sales letters and articles you thought were good.  Ones you paid good money for, but they don’t perform like you want.

Whether you need to re-write the old copy or create new copy from scratch, I’ll make it happen.

I’ll end your frustration with lack of cash flow from this copy that is making you think online marketing doesn’t work for you.

You’ll get web copy that excites your web viewers to act with you.  The same copy will also excite search engines like Google to place you where you can be found.

“Why are You Qualified as a Freelance SEO Copywriter?”

After my career in the U.S. Navy, I began to study and master digital marketing.  I saw this as the best way to help great businesses like yours succeed.  I began in 2006.

In 2009, after studying all the latest in SEO, I began helping clients win with Google providing professional SEO services.    This gave me a unique skill as a copywriter.

I moved on to develop my business.  This was done by mastering reputation marketing along with SEO.  Then I went to providing digital marketing strategy.

During this time, I wrote and developed thousands of pages of web copy, sales letters, video sales letters, online ads, and more.

I had four books published.  They include one leading the way in online reputation marketing.

Turning Digital Marketing Power into a Big Bang with Copywriting

I decided the way to truly master digital marketing was to formalize my skills in copywriting.  Thus, I chose to study with the world’s best copywriters at American Writers and Artists, Inc (AWAI). 

With AWAI, I became certified (verified) by the world’s best copywriters.  They verify me as proven to possess the skills to do exactly as I promise…

…Find the holes in your marketing that can be exploited for profit and to do so with expert copywriting.

I’m also certified by DigitalMarkters.com as a direct-response copywriting specialist, having completed their training and tests.

“Can You Do the Technical “Stuff” Online?”

You might be thinking, “What about the technical stuff you don’t understand?”  Or maybe you do understand, but don’t have time for.

It’s true, I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Tulane University.  I also have a master’s in military arts and sciences.  So, computer web stuff isn’t my degree.

Nonetheless, all my work since 2002 has been online.  I’ve learned:

  • How to create websites
  • Expert skills in SEO, including video SEO, keyword analysis, and website optimization
  • Market leading skills in reputation marketing
  • Honed skills in video marketing strategies
  • Digital marketing systems and process
  • Web copywriting
  • SEO copywriting

I did this all before any universities taught such subjects.  My skills got me invited to briefly teach business students in China.

I’ve made hundreds of websites.  Created hundreds of pages ranked in Google.  I developed hundreds of digital marketing funnels.  I’ve made thousands of online videos.

Going from Words to Website to Engage Your Market

Regardless of all the techno-babble, when you hire me for freelance SEO copywriting services, you pay for me to create the words.   This is done in a way to evoke the action you want most on your web pages.

I also ensure your copy meets the standards of modern SEO for the best chance of ranking in the searches.  These are skills few possess at my level of knowledge and application.

This means, you hire me to do some writing magic, not technical magic. 

I will gladly review your pages when they get posted.

I’ll make recommendations on how to place copy so it gets the most engagement possible.

But as your SEO/website copywriter, I’m not your webmaster or web designer.  I just don’t want anyone confused about that (though if you need these services, I can certainly help).

 What Can My Skilled Copywriting Do for You?

I’m certain you’re aware of the results skilled SEO copywriting services can achieve.  But it’s important you realize what’s possible.  I will do this for you:

  • Communicate the value of your brand, products or services in a powerful way that those too close to the source may miss.
  • Connect with more customers in a highly engaging way that attracts them to your business and brand both online and off.
  • Make your brand and business more relatable to more customers with problems and desires that you have the ultimate solutions for.
  • Create new ways for you to stand out in your market as the leader by identifying hiding values in your brand and products that can provide true value to people searching for your type solutions.
  • Boost your brand exposure online in your market by applying leading edge SEO techniques that prove to Google you give searchers exactly what they seek.
  • Position you as the expert in your market with engaging and persuasive writing that ensures greater numbers of leads become customers, and existing customers buy more.
  • Showcase your brand by presenting you as a unique personality in your market that people want to know more about.

The ultimate outcome is you grow your profits with more leads finding you online, becoming customers, and then becoming repeat customers.

The Type of Results Businesses Get When You Hire a Freelance Copywriter

Though this isn’t here to masquerade as a testimonial for me, this is what others got from hiring professional, freelance copywriters from various places around the web…

“In just a few months we are already seeing great results – a 33% increase in new patients. Amazing.” — Dr. Kurt Black, Owner, Timberhill Dental

“They have helped me take my business up 30% from last year in three months.” — Peter Clarke, Owner, ANC Movers

“My initial mailing was 1,677 letters into 31 states for a 3.28% rate of response.  That rate is terrific.” – Dick Barry, Management Consultant

“… helped us produce over 8% response in less than 2 months.  We got inquiries from the cream of the crop on our target list and we generated about 350% increase in dollar business over the previous year.” — Sheila M. Anderson, President

Naturally, no professional copywriter can guarantee the response to copy. But the examples above show how copywriting can change your outcomes dramatically.

6 Common Mistakes Businesses Make Without a Copywriter that I Will Ensure Never Happen to You

These problems occur in most businesses that try to do their own copywriting and SEO without a professional.  It’s not your fault…

In fact, the problem usually happens because you simply know too much about your business.  In SEO copywriting for the web, that can doom you without you knowing.

When you choose me as your SEO copywriting expert, I will guarantee none of these common mistakes or any others…

  1. Writing and forgetting about SEO.  Writing for consumers searching on the web should never be done without including SEO.  Think of it this way… why post anything on the web without the intent of having Google “advertise” for you?  But most owners don’t really know much about SEO.  Naturally, SEO gets butchered or forgotten completely.  I will ensure SEO is a key element of your web copy.
  2. Failing to optimize your headlines.  Super creative and quick-witted headlines seem great.  But usually they don’t get the response you need… the reader to continue reading.  You should be using headlines that contain important keywords, so web searchers know they found what they’re looking for.  I do this is a way that makes them want to read more.
  3. “Talking” to the wrong people.  A common error.  The wrong people being people in your industry.  You must talk directly to your potential customer.  You’re lucky if your customer comes only from your industry.  In most cases, this isn’t so.  So, don’t write to yourself, write to your buyers.  I always focus on your buyers, clients, and customers.
  4. Too many splendid features.  It’s common for us to want to “brag” about all the excellent features of our products or services.  But the reader wants to know what’s in it for them more than what’s in the product.  I will always focus on your market, so they know exactly what’s in it for them.
  5. Inconsistent marketing message.  This is strategic but is noticed by your buyers.  Copy often fails to maintain consistency across all your marketing and media platforms.  I’ll keep you engaging and consistent everywhere you’re found online.
  6. Talking in jargon.  For most, your customers are not from your direct industry.  Company writers tend to be too familiar with the industry and litter your copy with jargon buyers don’t understand.  I guarantee I won’t “jargon up” your copy so buyers don’t get confused and want more.

There are more frequent errors by home-grown, SEO-copywriters.  These 6 represent just a small sample of the errors I will ensure never happen in your website copy.

Engaging and moving your market buyers to action with you is all that matters when I write for you.  As a certified/verified copywriting professional, I will eliminate copy-killing errors.

“Who Do You Work With?”

I admit, I don’t work with everyone.  My specialty is in freelance SEO copywriting and Web Copywriting for business.  You’ll get my best and I’ll provide the highest value possible for clients who:

  • Run a top-notch business and have a solid reputation for taking care of customers.  I cannot make unethical businesses good with copy and won’t try.
  • Be an established business with a solid marketing budget.  I will not work with folks coming to me on a budget too scarce to pay me my worth and searching for a hope and prayer.  If you can’t advertise, my copy won’t be seen and will never generate results. While I love true go-getters, I don’t want your last dime.
  • Primary decision makers.  I can’t work with folks that can’t make decisions.  So, if you’re contacting me for someone, I must be able to work with a decision maker.  I’m retired navy, and I like to make things happen without constantly waiting for decisions.
  • Your product/service does what you say.  You must also have proof that it can as well.  I won’t make it up for you.

“How do I Hire You?”

Before hiring me, remember this:

I identify gaps in your marketing. Then I create the solution to turn your marketing gaps into customers and profits with expert copywriting.

I use and apply the latest in SEO and web writing to make the copy created for you the most engaging there is for your potential buyers.

You’ll ultimately have national brands chasing after you because you own your specific market.

Wouldn’t it be great to know the big national guys want your secrets?

You will be excited about your website.  You’ll be elated about your new results from online marketing.

You’ll feel like the king of you market from the exposure and sales.

If this is what you want from your new copy, then my freelance SEO copywriting services will work for you.  Here’s what you do to contact me…

How You Put Me to Work for You

This is the easy part. 

First you tell me a bit about you, what you’re selling and who you sell to.

Feel free to send me any information that help’s me understand the background needed to create the best website copy for you.

Use my online form to give me most of what I’ll need.  It’s secure, don’t worry.

Feel free to contact me on Skype or WhatsApp.  Be sure to tell me you’re interested in my copywriting, so I don’t delete you or block you as spam.

When you say go, I’ll begin the assignment for you.  I always deliver before the deadline.

I guarantee to fully satisfy you.

So… don’t wait.  Why not try my freelance SEO copywriting service for your next online sales letter, articles, web pages, landing pages, etc.  I promise to thrill you with the results.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SEO Copywriting cost?

Naturally, that can vary from project to project.  If you’re serious about choosing my copywriting services, then it is best to complete my online form.  There’s no obligation by completing this form.

Why use professional SEO copwriting?

Having a professional copywriter write for you has a long history of making money for countless companies.  But the traditional copywriter typically lacks the skill set for making your copy effective for both web users and for search engines.

A freelance, SEO copywriter like myself is skilled in other advertising copy and getting you found in search engines.  I also am skilled in what works on websites, and what doesn’t so I can more quickly make your content exactly what your web users seek, and the search engines love.

How long do you take to write the copy?

Again, that depends on the project.  Most projects can be complete in 2-3 weeks.  This gives me time to do the research, polish, edit, and revise.

If you need it faster, just let me know when you complete the online form.  If I say I will accept the job, then that means I will get it done on time.

How do you handle revisions?

Two rounds of revisions get included with the flat fee we agree upon when I accept your project.  There’s NO CHARGE for these revisions.  Just tell me what you want, and I will quickly revise to your desires.

These revisions should be assigned within 30-days of your receiving the completed copy.  A change in the scope of the assignment is not considered a revision.

If you’re not satisfied, I’ll revise the copy within the scope of the assignment completely at my cost.

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