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Wayne Sharer is lifelong strategic thinker and leader in digital marketing. The rare few who have spent over 20 years flying from aircraft carriers know the true value of strategy in the success of everything.

After retiring from the U.S. Navy with over 200 combat missions, he set out to help small business owners and CEOs to dominate in the market with digital methods, and speak and write for impact. Ultimately, he focused his strategies on reputation marketing to get the biggest ROI for owners fast. He’s helped business owners, direct marketers, and non-profits prosper. All this despite debilitating anxiety known to stop most from ever succeeding as leaders. He’s proof of what’s possible.

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Wayne Sharer is a leading authority on modern strategic marketing and digital marketing strategies. He has presented at major speaking events, and even lectured on business at a private university in China. He has advised top marketers in digital marketing strategies in information selling, and in real estate programs. He's versatile in thought, and amazingly insightful and creative as a leader, coach and speaker and has a lifetime of success to back it up.

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If you’re event or seminar needs a high power keynote speaker to light the crowd on fire and motivate your people or team into action, you have found the right place. Wayne’s Keynote programs provide the most unique and tantalizing experience your audience will have or ever had. He brings passion with unbelievable straight forwardness that shocks your crowd for the entire event.

Meet Wayne Sharer, Best-selling co-author of “The Art and Science of Success Volume 2,” as well as author of “Protege Profits, American Insanity: The Genocide of Reality and hundreds of videos, podcasts, articles and ebooks. Wayne’s work is consistently inspiring and produces results. If your looking for and event to be remembered, look no further.

Not Your "Typical" Motivational Speaker

How many times have you brought in a speaker and the “talk” was full of “dead man” quotes and cliches covering the last 4 decades? Is the past what your audience wants, or do they really want a bigger and greater future?

"I don’t know cliches and can’t remember what dead men said. I shoot straight, and in terms no one can misunderstand. I bring things to light for your audience in my terms, not those of everyone else. In fact, I hate listening to 'dead men' quotes, so I pretty much either walk out or go to sleep when a speaker uses them."


I don’t speak because I need things. In fact, I don’t really buy much of anything. I simply love helping and seeing people move ahead to the goals and levels of achievement they reach for.

As a retired Navy flyer, I’ve commanded a combat squadron from aircraft carriers and ran a team of 5,000 people through the equivalent of living hell. I’ve lived and survived my own hell as well, and will work passionately to help others never go there.

Do your event, your organization, your seminar the most amazing service imaginable and contact me. I guarantee you an unforgettable event, on front line strategic marketing, leadership, mentoring and you will be glad you are the one who helped your audience in Being Their Destiny!

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Keynote and Speaking Topics and Programs

Front and Back Cover Image - Overpower OceansNo one ever became a leader because they were born to be one.  Your “leader” is inside you.  Identify and overcome your leadership barriers and your future takes a whole new shape.

Becoming a leader is intentional by you.  You make the choice.

Choose to follow or choose to lead.  Clarity of your barriers enables you to clear your road.

Based on over 38 years of leadership, in the military and out and despite severe anxiety problems, Wayne has identified the 7 essential leadership principles you must master to overcome any perceived barrier to your leading.

In this program, Wayne identifies the principles, shows how they free your abilities and motivates your audience to put them in action for them.  He shows how to harness their power, and successfully build them into your way of doing business.

Your audience discovers how it possible to improve their life, their careers and grow your business by learning from these real-world examples.

“Overcome Oceans” is a highly engaging, yet practical, proven presentation based on lifelong experiences and barriers overcome by a sufferer of severe anxiety and depression.

RepFluence Marketing Book CoverWith an in-depth understanding of online and reputation marketing, Wayne is the co-founder of ThinkBigandGrow Media.

He specializes in consulting with companies to create online marketing strategies that build and leverage 5-Star Reputations. He shows you how to leverage your company’s online market distinction to convert more customers and crush your competitors.

From this, he took the power of businesses online reputation to influence customers and potential buyers and created RepFluence Marketing.

This strategic and motivating talk was developed recently to address what Forbes considers the shift from management to marketing: focus on the highest-impact.” In this powerful, thought-provoking keynote speech, Wayne helps professionals and organizations decode the secret of “Reputation Marketing” and gives them a simple step-by-step strategy called the RepFluence Marketing method building a 5-Star reputation and how to use it to get more customers. Wayne shares his NEW “Reputation Marketing” Strategies that leverage the power of local directory sites like Yelp, Google+ and others to be the building blocks for new customers and marketplace leadership.

This leading-edging and motivating talk help business owners understand how to specifically target their market and how to build a powerful system for finding their customers online, and creating referral quality leads, and then simply converting those leads into paying customers. Wayne gives practical and tactical advice on each one of these specific strategies to ensure they all work together in finding you more customers and dominating the market.

With new technologies emerging, businesses are finding it harder and more expensive to use the internet to market, communicate, and effectively brand their organization. In this talk, Wayne lays out his “Forwarding Thinking” reputation marketing strategies that any organization or professional can use to position themselves as the expert, instantly engage the marketplace, create top of mind brand recognition to sell more products and services.

Wayne Sharer image Custom Speaking Presentations

Regardless of your needs, Wayne’s programs are about making the ordinary truly extraordinary. Whether you need leadership, digital marketing, video marketing, reputation marketing or something else for your specific event, Wayne will make exciting.

Wayne is known for his ability to address unique needs and understands your desire for custom tailoring for your audience.  He designs every speaking engagement to reach your audience and meet your event, conference or program objectives.

Your attendees will benefit from the direct engagement intended specifically for them.  Wayne always seeks to build on the commitment and hard work you’ve already done.

How Wayne Gets Your Custom Presentation Spot On

Since Wayne likely doesn’t know you or your audience, getting it right for you starts with the Pre-Event Intake.  Wayne uses this information to understand your organization, your audience, your objectives and meeting all the unique challenges faced by each.  He’ll then schedule a conference call with you and any key players you choose.

During this call, the most important themes and specific messages are solidified so the right message gets through to your attendees. Wayne will use his hours of material, years of experience and study, and the lessons from life to get it right. As a result of this process, you get Wayne’s best and most current thinking, his most powerful illustrations, and his most exciting relevant, actionable ideas.

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