Making Sales Cool

So you get tons of the best targeted traffic anywhere. How are your profits? If you are having problems with your profits and you are sure your web traffic is highly targeted on the right people, then the next place to look is your sales copy

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Where it All Began

My first life story post, I told you to be warned, I’m very direct. So, if you’ve been reading anything I’ve written here, you probably already know what I mean. I think “point blank” is good.

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Automated Traffic Thoughts

Can you get targeted traffic from nothing?

Where is the best automated traffic websites?
These are questions that you probably have over and over again, and never really get them answered.
So what is this newsletter all about…

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Me Point Blank

I think it’s important for you to know that I’m not a sugar coater. Unlike others who claim not to be, if you checked with my Navy peers, and those that work with me, you would find more than a handful of evidence that I’m not.

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