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My friend, you are doing great.  You have just one short step to go and you will be having visitors to your squeeze page, and interested people signing up for your offer… thus getting on your business marketing list.   And yes, many of them will be buying from you.

You will shortly end the fears you will run out of money before seeing success, and realize you won’t one of the many saying they can’t do this.  You surely can (and don’t call me Shriley 😆  )

This coaching session is on tracking.  Yes you do need to track your results so you no for sure if you need to change things.  This is a vital step most people trying to start an online business skip (and then end up in the loser pile).  You must know if you are winning or losing, and the only way to this is to apply some simple tracking techniques.  Watch this video coaching session now, and apply the techniques to your new sales funnel.

Here are your resources…

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Web Analytics and Tracking

Clicky Web Analytics Easy Tracker Pro