A Proven, Simply Stupid Easy Way to Create Lead Magnets With Almost Zero Effort

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

February 14, 2015

Online businesses and online marketing seem like a great idea… don’t they?

All you do is sit down at your computer, log onto your autoresponder system, and start emailing all kinds of hot secrets to a hungry niche market… And there’s no fear of rejection or confrontation.

People rarely email you back, but you build a relationship in a friendly low-key way by sending an amazingly informative lead magnet.  Eventually some of these recipients of the lead magnet you created even buy your offer.

Wouldn’t it be GREAT if that was all there is to it and it actually worked?  Well, if you’ve actually TRIED creating lead magnets, then you know it can be much more challenging.   Making the lead magnets and getting any response AT ALL is tough.

In fact, if you tried it out, then you certainly know first-hand how it really works.  You also know that it can be MORE challenging writing a good, high converting lead magnet.  More so than creating just about any other part of your sales process.

Why is it this way?

Well to begin with, it’s this way because almost EVERY MARKETER is thinking this same “ideal fantasy” about marketing online.  And nowadays, the real coaches and gurus don’t exactly downplay the real challenges of creating a lead magnet for the front end of your funnel that actually gets results.

But there’s another reason… an even more CRITICAL reason…

Have you ever read one of the really “average” lead magnets or watch pre-sale videos?  You know the kind I’m talking about.  It’s just ok, but it doesn’t really help you much.  It’s predictable, and gets boring fast.

But all of those lead magnets always lead only to a sale.  They generally give you what everyone else has already told you.

And guess what? Every newbie and startup is doing it.

To the point where this kind of lead magnet is gets lots of attention… AND also getting most everyone annoyed at it…because they’re all pretty much exactly THE SAME.

So… with everything in mind… guess what it’s like to be a new or inexperienced online marketer with a lead magnet to give away?

Right.  It’s much much worse!

It’s completely common for a business owner new to marketing on the internet or the new online startup to give away tons of their new lead magnets.  Typical response can be a 2% or less response.  But here’s the thing:

Any Marketer Can Move To The Front Of The Sales Line And Create A Great Lead Magnet

How, you ask?

The answer is based this fact.  In any high demand marketplace, someone with lots of experience is already posting content in the form of videos, articles, free software, audios, pdf reports, etc. in places where the majority of the market simply have not found them.  I have to admit something to you.  I never considered this when I first started.

THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I have been able to frequently change my offers or create amazing new lead magnets very fast.

In fact, as I write this, I recently found some amazing test data about marketing products online and increasing conversions that was way better than what most of the “gurus” were selling.  Most people didn’t know about it, not even the “gurus” and I did.  It all leads to a creating a great lead magnet.

And what I did was perfect the way to package it.  Then give it away as my lead magnet in part of my sales process.

The question remains: Why is that I can consistently do this successfully creating lead magnets, while most marketers spend hours or days or weeks searching for the key and fail?

That’s what I’d like to share with you right now… I can remember when I first decided to start a business using internet marketing.  This I must admit up front… I never even CONSIDERED that I would need to make a thing called lead magnets and that is was the real way to start getting buyers.

One day, I started working with one of my top mentors whose mantra included what he called “raising the free line.”  He wanted me to give away some amazing content that no one, not even top selling gurus could do, and he showed me how with his “system.”  I was totally BLOWN AWAY.  It was so simple, it was ingenious. I couldn’t believe I never realized this.

It worked like a true sales MACHINE!

He showed me how he looked at the existing offers online and how he selected what was really needed for the market, what he noted about each… and how validated it quickly with his audience.  I felt like I was immerged in pure genius because of the simple things I never realized.

I now had the insights of what I needed to create lead magnets that COULD really work… and expanding on what they provided in a real product.  The product could be my own, an affiliate offer, or even an MLM product.  I went to work to create success for MYSELF – and made many LIFE CHANGING “fixes” in what I did over the next several months.

  • I discovered the effortless secret of creating the exact, perfect headlines
  • Learned special ways to take advantage of what the market already offers to create lead magnets in one-tenth the time.
  • Paid careful attention to the different types of content and delivery the top sellers used. Then developed a systematic approach to create lead magnets fast. This attracted leads, and converted them to sales, in just a matter of hours!

Needless to say, a new world became wide open to me, and I took real advantage of this new found power.  I learned a couple of great and revealing concepts while I was developing this system for myself…

If you want to be successful marketing online, you must understand two VERY IMPORTANT things:

  • You must know what your potential leads and customers want
  • You must find a system for creating it fast, and delivering it in a compelling way THAT STICKS in their mind

Just like the “real world,” there are common, predictable PATTERNS of response that happen consistently when marketing online…. Once you understand what they are, you basically have the keys to your own “marketing success machine”…

The 4 keys to rapidly creating lead magnets that not only get leads but also lead to sales

What if anytime you felt like it, you simply hop on your computer and score yourself a winning idea to get the perfect leads and covert 5 or 10 times more of them into sales and long term customers… and do it with almost ZERO effort on your part?

Well… let me share with you… when you have your system in place, it is really that easy.

I want to give the details of my “do it by the numbers” system.  It’s so you can easily and rapidly create lead magnets that work, get one hot lead after another.  Then convert them to sales at a rate you thought only “someone else” can do… even if you believe it’s not possible for you.

The skills you need can easily be broken down into 4 keys to create lead magnets that lead to online success:

KEY #1: Quickly Search Your Markets Top Sellers And Find The Most Revealing Content Of Any Kind They Use to Get Responses

As you already have noted… the best marketers give away some of their very best content… even their absolute best.  Even when they don’t follow up with a sale, they give away real secrets…

The bottom line is that you need to do THREE things to leverage this ability: read or view what the giveaway, note the specific benefits they offer, and record the emotional hot points they target to get a response.

The GREAT news is…

Doing this kind of “research” online is actually “VERY EASY” and much easier than the “real world” of big business market research.  After all, you can see literally anything the top seller offer, and even use it  to lead to your own sales. 

You don’t have to fear you will stumble up or do the wrong thing.  It’s simple as using a proven formula and manipulating it just a little to fit your market.  In a moment, I’ll let you in on just how you do that…

KEY #2:  Design Your Squeeze Page to MAGNETICALLY Attract Leads to Salivate For What They Want

So now you’ve got the amazing content, if you chose well, you didn’t have to spend a single minute creating it.

And guess what?

If your content you choose for your lead magnet sucks, then your squeeze page will become WORTHLESS.  On the other hand… a powerful squeeze page will not only get you leads opting in, it will deliver a powerful lead magnet of awesome value that your market loves up front… it will also get them to WANT MORE.  So assuming you created an awesome lead magnet, your squeeze page becomes a PRICELESS ASSET.

Think of it like owning your own assembly line… You can simply put it in the right spot where people want what you make… and it will just start making you leads and money 24/7 without much of another thought.

KEY #3: Create Killer Follow Up Emails That DRIVE Your Leads To Read Them And Buy

Definitely… this is one of my favorite parts…

There are many things you can do to try and “rig the system” for getting the sale from your lead magnet… and 99% of the marketers have no idea they even exist…

For example, there is a simple follow system you can apply to not only get your emails opened, but get your links clicked for the REAL RESULT you want…the sale!  Designing a simple email sequence that drives on your leads real wants and desires… will, of course…get you more opens, more clicks and more sales than anyone else in your market…

KEY #4:  Learn How To Follow Up On Leads And Sales So You Move Them Up Your Sales Funnel With Little Work On Your Part!

It never really surprises me that most of the new marketers, or even long time marketers who get BEST at creating lead magnets seem to not really be any smarter than me…. And yet so many people give up too fast.

The fact is that you don’t know what you’re doing… creating your lead magnets and putting up your sales process.

Forget about all the thousands of people trying to do the same thing you want to achieve…even when you DO start seeing success… getting your customers to move up and buy bigger and better things from you is an entirely different story, but key to you truly ending your old frustrating ways, and winning in business online…

The reason this is so is SIMPLE.  It requires a full understanding of your real value and the value you can actually offer to your marketplace.

You have to go about presenting yourself differently… and once you got a lead converted through your lead magnet and follow up, the conversation has to change.  You are no longer talking to your customer like they don’t know you, and you want to get them to buy even more valuable solutions from you.

time for successMost new marketers fear this step and won’t take the move which requires you to kill your most limiting beliefs.  I don’t really blame them because it is not easy to take this leap of faith.  But the new and old time marketers that do eventually figure this stuff out – myself included – have realized something very important…

We’ve discovered that by simply doing the simple work to create your lead magnet and first sales makes it FAR EASIER for you to position yourself as the expert with real value and make reaching the next step SYSTEMATIC.

You are now getting leads, and your first sales automatically… so it’s simple to develop a successful routine positioning yourself as an expert and that works every time to crush it with sales online.

(For example, I want share with you a standard system to get your business moving from lead to high value sale fast… that is used by Fortune 500 companies, info marketers, affiliate marketers, and network marketers alike so you start earning and building the right away!)

In other words, once you have the “front end” routine down for yourself, moving up and positioning becomes almost WAY TOO EASY.

And now I must show you exactly how it can really become way too easy for you, too…

It’s Time To Get Your Weapon For Ultimate Online Marketing Success

It’s a revolutionary new program specifically created to quickly teach ANY business owner of any kind the simple system to create a proven winning sales process to successfully create endless leads, countless sales, and move customers up to higher value sales every month…

It’s called Clickfunnels, and it’s the very first and BEST of its kind… and I want you to be one of the very FIRST to have it…

It’s not just for building downlines… it’s for any business, because the process is the same…

Watch This Free Trainging Now – The The Inside Scoop On Marketing Funnels

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And Discover Why You Must Abandon Your Website Now for your Business to Survive:

  • How to kiss your website, autoresponder, and shopping cart goodbye
  • What is a real sales funnel?
  • What type of sales funnel you should use
  • Why “gluing” together pieces of other systems fails

The New Way the Average Person can Save over $1,000 per month marketing

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This program is basically going to allow you to skip all the hype and misleading secret positions and without doing endless hard work… showing you how to create your entire unique sales process for any business online (not just building downlines) so you create SUCCESS getting leads and making sales online fast.

  • A lead generating turbocharger that makes your visitors dying to know your solutions. It so simple you will be started and finished within the same breathe – ok, a little exaggerated, but you get the meaning…it’s fast
  • The 7 Key elements of highly responsive email follow up… and how to leverage the 4 psychology types of readers.
  • How to create a high value bribe that turns leads into buyers and positions you as the expert they must follow
  • The simplest, most response advertising plan that is guaranteed to get you leads that buy like you never imagined possible
  • The 1 thing no one tells you, but without it you are pretty much doomed to fail. But with it, you can attract 4Xs more leads and sales
  • 7 untapped ways to get 25 leads or more per day that the “gurus” really don’t want you to know

The complete, step-by-step system the top money earners online use, including the Fortune 500s to dominate the markets, and why even a person with a very low budget can and must be doing this too.

(NOTE: These top earners use this process in any market and any business online and have leads jumping of the shelves to get their lead magnets and buy their offers, or join their downlines EVERY DAY.  Now YOU will know how to duplicate it, too and NEVER have to leave home feeling like an online failure again!)

And much, much more…

If you are truly serious about starting a successful, rewarding, and consistently growing business, the web is the best place to do it.

So let’s do the math: An unlimited supply of leads… positioning as the expert… 90% of your competition won’t ever do this… hmmm…

It’s easy to see why the real money earners use this path and process… and those of us that do become the select few.

Now it’s really YOUR TURN to join in the fun… and be one of the 1 or 2% of marketers who actually turned the internet into and endless supply of effort-free leads, and sales and a lifestyle of fun and excitement.

Watch This Entire Program RIGHT NOW – The Training is Free – You Receive:

  • How to Kiss Your Website, autoresponder and shopping cart goodbye.
  • What is a real sales funnel and why you must have one, too
  • Detailed training listing – what type of sales funnel you should be using
  • Why gluing together pieces of other leaves you flailing just as much as you may be flailing now.

This program is the first of its kind… and for those who follow the easy steps, and take action and USE IT, it will be the LIFE CHANGING event you’ve been searching for.

You’ll be able to start in with all the materials immediately and start watching it all for just the cost of shipping to your door – and this unbelievable free access delivers what no one else have ever simply given away.  There is absolutely no risk to you.

The only way to lose is to not do what you’re shown.  It’s that simple!

Watch This Free Trainging Now – The The Inside Scoop On Marketing Funnels

Try Clickfunnels Today

And Discover Why You Must Abandon Your Website Now for your Business to Survive:

  • How to kiss your website, autoresponder, and shopping cart goodbye
  • What is a real sales funnel?
  • What type of sales funnel you should use
  • Why “gluing” together pieces of other systems fails

The New Way the Average Person can Save over $1,000 per month marketing

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I know that things are truly about to get VERY VERY thrilling for you…






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