There are some things that do keep getting better.  Facebook advertising targeting options is one of them, and it’s very important for you.

In this video, by Molly Pittman with Digital Marketer, you’ll see exactly what’s new at facebook for your targeting. You can click here to read the full article mentioned in the video.The bottom line is, you, no one, no business has an excuse to NOT advertise on Facebook.

I am not like others, trying to tell you the only place to advertise is Facebook – you know… like they did with Google.  Tying up all your advertising in a single media is not wise.But at the same time, I am telling you that you definitely are missing out if you haven’t decided to use Facebook advertising targeting options.  As Pittman says in the video, unless you are targeting Mars, Facebook has you covered.

Are you an insurance broker? Nail salon owner? Dog trainer? Marketing expert? Auto dealer? Fitness expert?

Yes. You’re covered.

Don’t believe Facebook has a targeting option that fits your needs? Maybe this will convince you… Click the link above to read the full article.Need a low cost way to start leaning Facebook and applying it to your business?