You’ve likely heard that forum posting is a good way to establish credibility, and get traffic to your website.  You likely also know it takes time and effort and can be very tedious to do this task.

In fact, finding posts you should even spend anytime answering can literally take hours.  This is the part that many of the folks who teach this as a primary strategy fail to tell you.

Did you know, to overcome this, that many people outsource their forum posting?  It’s particularly true in forums like Warrior Forum.  In this forum in particular, folks like to convince you that simply having lots of posts and responses is the same as having credibility.  So to achieve the high numbers, most of the big number folks aren’t even providing the response.  They’ve outsourced.

Only the problem is, you loose your voice doing this and you don’t gain any real credibility.  In fact, this type of response system water’s down the value of the forum, and takes away from the credibility of the total forum.  In the example, the Warrior Forum, it has converted into a place where you go to get introductory products real cheap, and not a place of great marketing advice as it once might have been.

This can be true of any forum, in any niche market.  But there is a way for you to retain your voice, be authoritative, and outsource the whole process.  It’s a simple 5-step process, and the video below shows you how.  Watch it now…

Note: this video is also promoting a webinar that is likely not available any longer.  This, of course, depends on the date you are viewing this video.  The point of the video being here is to give you the 5-step process so you can outsource your forum posting, and retain your authority in your marketplace.