Do you ever wonder how to get targeted traffic to your website? First off you have 2 kinds of traffic, targeted and non-targeted. Non-Targeted traffic usually won’t stick around and if you are trying to earn revenue, you can forget it.

Getting traffic to your website is only half the battle, especially when you’re depending on sales as your primary source of income. When you get targeted traffic to your website, you increase your chance to make sales because your visitors are already interested (pre-sold), and you can do this using a number of ways.

Most article marketers waste their time focusing their attention in choosing the right keywords to optimize their articles. Indeed it’s become a popular belief that the success of your articles lies in the keywords you use. However, there’s another effective technique to article marketing that’s unknown to many. This technique is called soft selling. Read more to learn how soft selling works and how you can use it to get targeted traffic.

However, doing this will not get you that targeted traffic you want right away. Rather, you end up with the general Internet traffic. Every article marketer vies to get targeted traffic, and not just regular traffic, because they know how much more valuable it is. Look at it this way: you would much rather have 100 targeted visitors as opposed to a million click-throughs.