This is causing you to lose position in the search rankings!  There is a very significant flaw in the Google analytics code and how Google tracks your web visitors.  It really isn’t a secret, because Google has told us about it.  It’s just that most of us don’t check everything Google says every day of the week.

This flaw is significant because it gives ranking favor to certain types of websites like media sites, and portal sites while making your site look less favorable.  I’m not a code expert, but the bottom line is you are losing search position because of this, and you can fix it.

The video explains the whole thing in very easy to understand terms.  So watch the video.  Then you can use the script below to fix it.  The script can be used on any website.  However, the nature of WordPress makes it much easier to implement site wide on your website if you are using WordPress.

Like I said, it works on any website, and does not have to be WordPress.  If you care at all about your search ranking, and you have quality content, then you want to use this fix.  It is not a magic bullet, and it is not black hat.  It uses Googles API exactly like Google wants, and will help improve your stats in Google, and improve your search rankings.

Below is the code for the fix:

There is also a free plug-in for WordPress.  The way you get this is go to and sign up for the free PluginBot.  The Bounce Rate plugin (which is the fix for WordPress) is a bonus free download with the main plug in. Both are free.