Have you been buying domain names that are exact matches for the main keywords you want to rank for?  If so, you definitely want to read this, and you will get a whole new perspective on how your domain can be wiped off the search engine map…

What Google did to Domains

Last month, Google once again updated the Penguin update to their algorithm. You know, that mathematical beast that wipes you out of the search results over night.  This time the target is exact match domain names.  This means domain names that match keyword searches.

If you’ve been listening to the forum bloviators (the know-it-alls that spread wives tales), you likely purchased domain names matching your main keywords — and you maybe even purchased hundreds of them thinking you would quickly get ranked doing so.

Does Exact Match Domain Name Strategy Work?

So to some degree, this exact match domain name strategy works, and some portion of websites do manage to ranked simply by having a domain to keyword match.  However, for several years now, the effect this had was mostly to speed up the ranking of a quality content site, and seldom created a permanent ranking solution.

Now, Google is targeting these exact match domain names, and wiping them out from the search results.  Of course, it is not random which domains are wiped away.  The ones with weak or lousy content are the first to go.  Matt Cutts of Google cause this a spam site because Goolge calls them unwanted and unasked for.

Don’t Be a Target

Yes, you can avoid being a target simply by having a quality website that meets Googles guidelines.  If all you want is to throw some junk articles up on the web, and get ranked simply by default of a domain name matching a keyword search — well, those days are gone.  Either put up quality, or don’t bother buying the keyword match domain, because you are wasting your time.

I’ve been teaching for years the number one thing is to get quality websites up, and a keyword match could help but would never be the sole source of you keeping your website on the first page top results.  Now it’s even more so true, and you’re a target if you aren’t putting up real quality.

Which Will You Choose for Your Domain?

Of course, if you run back to the forums, they will tell/bloviate some other outdated BS, but that’s your choice.  It’s like believing Obama or believing the facts.  Which will you choose when you buy your next domain?