You want to write blog posts, but you keep telling yourself you don’t know what to write about.  Why?  There is so much information available about everything and anything you can imagine, you should never run out of great blogging ideas.

One problem you have found yourself uttering to yourself is that everything has already been said.  Maybe it has, and maybe it hasn’t.

But that is just an excuse, because your loyal readers definitely have not heard everything from you.  One of your “JOBS” (I hate that word) as a blogger is to make it easy for your followers to find information from your expertise or marketplace in your words, with your personal twist.

So the real question isn’t about is there enough content.  Of course there is.  The real question is where do I find the topics people will really be interested in that I can add my own twist or personality to?

So you have seen the same old places listed many times, but I am going to give you some that most people overlook (or maybe they don’t tell because they really aren’t experts in their fields and the just re-wrote what someone else said)…

11 Places to Get Great Ideas for Great Blogging Ideas

  1. Industry statistics/polls
  2. Other’s blog’s comments
  4. Clickbank/Paydotcom
  5. Your Help desk
  6. LinkedIn Answers
  7. LinkedIn Groups
  8. YouTube Videos
  9. Famous quotes
  10. This Day in History

Remember, you can write about anything.  Just don’t copy anything word for word – that is plagiarism, and totally uncool!

Once you learn something, you always have the right to share it.  You just can’t take the actual course material and re-print it or distribute it.  Tying it to popular ideas, news, headlines, pop culture, etc will add a new flavor that makes whatever you say fresh for your readers.

So stop making excuses for not having content get started to day.

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