Would you really like to get the most valuable audience possible from your Facebook advertising?  It’s really not hard if you have familiarity with Facebook ads and Facebook retargeting or your ads will ensure your ad gets the most exposure to your targeted audience.

Why do Facebook retargeting?  Because:

1. You get a custom audience of people who actually viewed your ad

2. To make the most sales, you need this custom audience to view your offer multiple times

3. Facebook retargeting reduces your cost by 10 times or more

4. Facebook retargeting builds you a custom audience more likely to buy related offers in the future

Step 1 is simply creating your ad.  Before you can do any retargeting you need to have your first ad.

facebook retargeting step 1

Step 2 is to create your retargeting pixel and then add this pixel to your offer page.  This is the secret to getting your custom audience so you can very cheaply engage them over and over again.

Facebook retargeting step 2

Step 3 is to launch your ad.  After launching, naturally, you will need to monitor it for costs and performance, but you are up and running in just 3 simple steps.

Facebook retargeting step 3

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