Have you ever tried to do Craigslist advertising?  What were your results?

If you are like most, they weren’t so hot.  This isn’t an indication Craigslist advertising doesn’t work.  In fact, Craigslist gets over 300,000 visitors per month in the US alone.  There are lots of people searching through Craigslist.

I used to run a retail store, and when we needed a new employee, all we had to do was take out a $25 ad and we would get literally hundreds of inquiries.

I also know several folks who advertise to rent their properties there.  They have no problem getting qualified renters through their Craigslist ads.

So how do you take advantage of Craigslist for your online opportunities like Affiliate Programs, Multi-level Programs, Direct Marketing, or Network Marketing?  Is it possible?

Well, it is if you learn how to get leads from Craigslist correctly.  Do things wrong, the least of which happens is you get no leads.  However, you can easily find yourself getting your ads flagged or even getting banned from Craigslist.

Watch this video now and see how to get leads from Craigslist the right way, and not get flagged or banned.

If you have other methods that work, let us all know in the comments.