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A question virtually anyone using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques on their website is “How do I know if the latest Google update affected me?

That’s exactly what this free SEO tool does. It shows you how a change to the Google algorithm changed your web traffic. For those using SEO, this is important because proper SEO can increase your sales revenue by 35% or more over the lifetime of your business.

Google search updates have been proven to affect the traffic patterns of websites. Panguin is cool because it charts your existing Google Analytics information versus the major and minor Google updates. It lets you know if the Google algorithm impacted your website and what it impacted.

Why is Panguin Good for You?

As an SEO expert I tend to think it is obvious. Nonetheless, Panguin enables you to toggle on and off each update and it’s effects. You can fully customize it for the view you want.

With Panguin, you can quickly and easily know if a change had any impact on your website, both good or bad. The video below shows you how. Watch it now. Extra

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