This is big, and there’s a real secret inside.  So read this entire post.

Just in case you’re not familiar with YourTrafficStarterBlog, it’s a blog I created for you to uncover the secrets of free site traffic.  At YTSB, you’ll find over 800 posts, free viral PDFs, free websites, free tools, and tons of reviews of everything related to your targeted traffic generation and ending the frustration  of never having enough website traffic.

But that’s not the secret…

Here’s the secret…

YTSB is now a membership site.  The full details are at the website, but before you click away, here’s the secret you need to know…

There are two levels to YTSB: the Free Bronze Level, and the Exclusive Silver Level memberships.

You, of course, get the Bronze level for free.

Right now, I’m offering an introductory price of $8.97 per month for the Silver Level (full details are at the site).

DON’T GO TOO FAST… here’s the real juicy part.  If you go to YTSB before March 14th 2011, you can get in for even a lower price!  Yes, lower than $8.97.  Here’s how you do it…

  1. After you read this, go to YTSB
  2. Sign up for the Free Bronze Level Before March 14th 2011
  3. Wait for your confirmation email to arrive.
  4. Open the email, and click the confirmation link.
  5. Wait for the next welcome email.
  6. Open the welcome email, and there will be “Coupon Code” under my signature in the welcome email
  7. Grab the code and come back to YTSB and place it in the “Early Bird Discount Coupon” window and click the “Early Bird Discount Coupon” button.  Your 50% off coupon will be applied automatically to your check out.

This is an amazing disount that will only last through March 14th, then it’s gone.  You get in for just $4.49 per month.  That’s only 15 cents per day!  I must be nuts.

Go now to YourTrafficStarterBlog and see what your getting….