The Part II of How to Increase Your Website Traffic Continues…

how to increase your website traffic.

Hello again, and thanks for coming back…

I was just down at the local coffee shop for my morning coffee and reading here in DC!

It’s another hot day.  This summer has been especially hot.  I guess it’s pay back for the previous 3 or 4 summers that have been very mild here.  First we had the biggest blizzard in 100 years, now were cooking with real heat! — and, oh yeah, we actually had an earthquake here the other day!

…3.6 on the Richter Scale.  That’s not much in the world of earthquakes, but these things don’t happen here.  Kinda wakes you up to reality.

Now that I’ve cooled down a bit, I thought it’s a great time to get you your second piece of the pie, and get it to you now…

First… If you’re reading this post and haven’t yet seen the  video explaining the How to Drive Traffic ebook manuscript, please Click Here to watch it now.

The new link is just below, and just as in the previous release of “piece 1” … please post your comments after reading “piece 2.”  It’s just 7 short pages, spaced well for your ease of “absorbing.” 🙂

Oh yeah, and thanks to everyone that has downloaded.  Lots have from here.  Wish I knew what you thought.  You’re my heroes and heroines!  It really means a lot that you would take the time to read and follow up with me.

Just wait until you get the complete version.  You’re in for a really great treat, and maybe a few surprises.  This is really special for me to be able to start literally feeding you a library of great opportunity.  You’ll see how in the full version.

Piece 3 is coming real soon!

Please take the time to enjoy piece 2.  You may even want to re-read piece 1 to put it all together.

So here you go, here’s piece 2 as promised:
(right-click and select Save Target to download or however you need to with your browser)

Talk to you soon!

– Wayne Sharer

PS. I would love your comments..