The Secret Reason Some New Marketers Have So Much Success Creating Lead Magnets Without Even Trying… While Most of Us Struggle and Fail

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

February 10, 2015

No doubt about it:  success with creating lead magnets is a complete mystery to most new marketers…

This is why – especially at this point in your new or existing business – if success with lead generation and making lead magnets is still a mystery to you, then this should be considered an emergency… and I’m going to ask you 5 critical First Aid questions to solve it right now:

  1. Do you get all worried and confused that you are not providing people with what they want and then you can’t think of what to give them?  If you find yourself feeling paralyzed whenever you think about making a lead magnet, then read on…
  2. Do you find yourself constantly worrying about will this even work and meet my potential customers’ standards or need? All marketers new to using the internet get this feeling of nervousness when you know you need to impress a visitor to your website.It often happens when you have a great idea and you start to create it… preparing to outline those first words… or when you start writing the introduction and you know you will be judged by what you say…But did you know that the marketers getting success fast and easily with their lead funnels and lead magnets never get this feeling?  One of the best realizations that comes to you when you become a REAL MARKETER is a feeling of power and choice with your leads and customers.
  3. Do you get nervous wondering if you are doing the right thing, writing the info, giving enough value to create credibility? I’m sure you’ve heard that it is only natural to feel stress and nervousness when it is time to put something new into place, even a new lead magnet.Well… I’m here to tell you that is a bunch of B.S.  When you have the power and confidence that being a real marketer brings you, you’ll always know how to step up and deliver exactly the right free offer or lead magnet and start making things happen.  If you’d like to learn how to instinctively know you are doing the right move or making the right offer for your audience, and have NO problems doing just that… then read on…
  4. Do you worry that when you make your lead magnet and start advertising it that you will be embarrassed by the results if the ads fail? Listen… REAL marketers are actually very rare so if you simply learn how to ACT like one, and do simple things when creating your magnet, your leads will instantly assume you are an expert and have exactly what they were looking for.If you’d like to find yourself having to convince viewers you are NOT a real marketer, then read on…
  5. Do you take rejection, or poor results from your lead magnet and marketing efforts personally and beat yourself up over it? When you make the shift from “opportunity seeker psychology” to “real business marketer,” you will start to see each rejection or poor result from and ad as a good thing.If you’d like to start seeing every effort and offer as a learning experience that gets you one step closer from where you are to where you need to be (and of course, with this powerful attitude, finding yourself faltering far less often) then read on…

The Missing Piece That Forces You To Screw Up Your Lead Magnets With One Try After Another

NEWSFLASH: The secret piece of the puzzle that makes a handful of marketers get more success with their lead magnets with little or no effort is something that sits right in front of you at all times… even now!

The only difference between you and the folks I call the “real marketers” is that you haven’t fully realized your ability and developed it.  No one has ever told you what “it” is and what you really have to do.

This secret is YOUR COMPETITION.

These days, more and more people are going online and starting a business, but they are failing… and instead of growing and expanding success, many new online business efforts just disappearing and many offline businesses going online simply fade away from the internet.

This stunted growth process leaves most entrepreneurs with that empty feeling of anxiety and frustration some might call the “extended internet marketing doesn’t work” syndrome.

We grow, but never really figure out how to grow up or simply disappear. The online hopeful stays in the ridiculous “opportunity seeker” mindset and the existing offline business decides it is all too difficult.

Because of this, many failed to really become business owners and marketers that own businesses. REAL BUSINESS. REAL MARKETERS.

I call this phenomenon: “The Mysterious Disappearing Marketer.” When developed, your marketing is like your own super compass guiding you to success with your interactions with customers.

group of business peopleA customer or web visitor can usually instantly sense if you are a real marketer… even if you fool them for just a short while with one off successes that you really don’t know how you did it.

Without the right natural appeals to what the customer wants and somewhat needs, you are pretty much guaranteed to make an obvious mistake that reveals you and the truth.

When you repeatedly do nothing that sets you apart from your competition, it becomes obvious fast.

When your local website looks like every other website online making the same lame free consultation offer it does not speak of confidence or authority.

When your squeeze page makes the near identical appeal of 80% of your competitors without making you stand above the others, the attraction is lost within seconds of arrival on your page.

When your lead magnet just regurgitates what every article in every article directory says in the same old boring fashion, then you will be uncloaked and revealed as a marketing phony.

This mysterious missing real marketer is as painful to you as it is to the customer… and unless you learn how to FIND your COMPETITION VALUE, you will continue to go on feeling like a loser, out of control of your life, and desperate to make a sale to anyone using the internet… and nothing will fix it!

Watch The 5-Box System To Become The Powerful Real Marketer You Were Born To Be And Start Attracting The Customers You Were Meant To Have

I’d like to show you how to finally become the real marketer and online business owner you were meant to be. I’ve spent the several months putting together a simple yet comprehensive workshop that is designed to completely expel the dabbler, the frustrated marketer, the opportunity seeker inside you… and transform you into the powerful, confident, business leader and marketer you are looking for.

The workshop is called, “The 5-Box System to 7 Figure Sales & Total Domination Online… or Off!”

In it you’ll learn what it takes to REALLY be a marketer who owns a business, creating lead magnets that attract and sell, and building a business that will literally shock your competitors. For me it is about winning and you dominating. You will see how to start doing this in 2 hours or less, and how it is done quickly and easily.

Watch This Training Right Now – It’s FREE and Will Make You a REAL Marketer

 Watch the 5-Box System to 7 Figure Sales

And learn the secrets of:

  • Being “The Competitor” Everyone Else chases
  • The Simple 5-Step System that will double your revenue this year
  • Why the right lead magnet will start boosting your revenue within hours
  • Dominating your competition and why right now is the time to act.

 The Most Valuable 1hr and 16 minutes ever!

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Of course, just as importantly in my 5-Box System to 7 Figure Sales, you’ll also discover the elements that a business lacks, and how to change this is just 2 hours’ time so you can stop sabotaging your time, energy and sales.

But most importantly, I’m going to walk you through the whole process of actually creating an online sales process so you become the real marketer, show you how to initiate the process into your business, and unlock the guide to doubling your income, often in a matter of just hours.

Watch This Entire Workshop Online RIGHT NOW, No Risk, No Cost, No Obligation and Receive:

1 hour and 16 minutes of pure profit making secrets of the biggest businesses online

The one simple way to be the Competitor your competitors fear

The simple 5-Step system that will double, triple or more your income this year

How the right lead magnet will start boosting your revenue in just hours

I know this workshop is going to change your marketing life.

I know it’s going to transform you into the absolute most amazing real marketer you can be.  And because I want as many people as possible to benefit from starting their online marketing right, this $197 workshop is free.

Watch my 5-Box System to 7 Figure Sales starting right now on your computer, smartphone, tablet or whatever device you choose.  There is no risk, no obligation, just 100% profit for you.

Watch This Training Right Now – It’s FREE and Will Make You a REAL Marketer

 Watch the 5-Box System to 7 Figure Sales

And learn the secrets of:

  • Being “The Competitor” Everyone Else chases
  • The Simple 5-Step System that will double your revenue this year
  • Why the right lead magnet will start boosting your revenue within hours
  • Dominating your competition and why right now is the time to act.

 The Most Valuable 1hr and 16 minutes ever!

 Watch it Now

I want to challenge you right now to become a part of the elite group of REAL MARKETERS.  I want you to take control of your life and business and become the success and powerful entrepreneur you were meant to be.  I challenge you to make it happen for yourself.

You can do it, I know you can.

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