What are Native Ads?

by Wayne Sharer

International speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Retired navy officer, former commanding officer. Over 35 years of leading, coaching, mentoring, and speaking.

July 3, 2014

It isn’t enough for some people to be trying to sell you products to build a business online and be truly helpful. In fact, some of the people I respect the most, will fall of the ethical wagon and do anything to get you to buy their product.

This is the case with what is being called native ads.

It is a great deception in many ways. I will show you why in a moment.

Native Ad by David Olglivy

Let’s talk first about why you need to know what native ads are, and why they can be excellent for your marketing. I will also point out the many deceptions being used right now, to sell training programs about native ads.

Native advertising is being touted as a new form of advertising. So right off the bat, I will prove to you it is not. There is nothing new about it. It was done by many of the great advertisers of the 20th century including David Ogilvy.

Native advertising is a form of advertising where you as the marketer, present your advertisement in a form of useful content. It is a way for you as the marketer to present your offer embedded in content so it looks and feels less intrusive to your viewer or reader.

It is called native, because it is made to look the same as other content native to the page or pages it appears on.

David Ogilvy did this often. A famous example is his Rolls Royce ad.

Google pay per click is a form of Native Ads. The ads are displayed to look very much like the native search results.

Twitter does native advertising, too. Their ads appear in your tweet stream looking much like other tweets you receive.

Facebook does this, too. They place ads in your home feed that look like posts from friends, but are actually advertisement.

Newspapers have presented native ads where the ads are displayed like articles. This is not new.

Those telling you it is new, are taking advantage of your inexperience in marketing. They are literally bullshitting you when they tell you it is new.

These ads do get seen more, and clicked on more. This is a fact, but it is not news either. The news is, that online info product creators have figured out that most of you haven’t heard of this, so they call it “new.”

I saw one marketer call Goolge the original Native Ad. What a lie. This was a marketer I respected, but now, this marketer is going for the lie – assuming you won’t look anything up.

Almost two years ago, I taught a course on using the content engines that can get you on massive websites, with high volume, high quality visitors for very low costs. These places are often referred to as suggestion engines.

facebook native ad

They typically present a recommendation for your content on major media sites, magazines, and other huge volume traffic sites. They will only send the visitors to pages the read like content – native ads.

So the truth is, native ads or native advertising is a century old advertising technique. It is definitely old school. It is also proof that “old school” techniques are very effective on the internet.

More and more advertising platforms online are finding ways for you, the business owner and marketer to use native ads in your advertising. You should definitely be looking at how to do native advertising, and if It is right for you.

Remember, like all advertising, you will have to practice.

You will need persuasive writing

You will need to get skilled at how to get the click using native ads.

I highly recommend you learn how, and that you only try this on one platform to begin with. Why? Because each platform will be slightly or dramatically different, so trying to master many is futile.

Master the native ad writing for one ad platform. When you get it down, then take on another. Be smart. It will save you money, and make you money much faster.



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