Does video marketing really have to be something only professionals can do?  I don’t think so, and neither do most of my mentors or modern marketers.  These video marketing ideas and tips cover everything from creating a video marketing strategy, to video marketing persuasion, to powerful video branding on Instagram.

Being a business owner, or starting a business online means embracing what really works and every marketer, marketing consultant, and top online sales producers know that video marketing is what truly works.  Use these video marketing tips to develop video marketing ideas you can make work today.

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7 Tips for Launching a Video Marketing Strategy

video marketing ideas strategyVia Marketing Land

Learn 6 Key Principles of Persuasion with Video

video marketing tips persuasionVia Life Hacker

9 Tips for Packing Your Brands Message Into a 15-Second Instagram Video

9 video tips for instagramVia Entrepreneur

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